Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Thursday

You know - sometimes love just sneaks up on you. I'll walk into the kitchen and realize that the dishwasher is unloaded.... Love.... Or, I'll walk into my closet and it's full of clean clothes... Love...

Tonight after dinner, the kids wanted to go to the park. We live across the street from the park (awesome!) so, I brought my book and a glass of wine out to our new super cool patio and read while the kids played at the park.

Hubby went over and they all started playing catch. Prissy would throw a softball to hubby, Bubba would throw a baseball to hubby and he would throw them both back. I was completely unable to read - I just watched my family playing catch at the park. My heart overflowed with warmth and love. I sat across the street and watched in secret this game of catch. It made me so fully of happiness.

Several of Bubba's friends showed up at the park and he ran off to play with them, and Prissy practiced pitching while hubby was her catcher. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Hubby giving Prissy tips on how to get the ball straighter. Bubba running around the park playing with his friends. Every once in awhile - I could hear a girl-giggle or a boy-yell come floating over on the wind.

I had to take a deep breath.... My family was happy...