Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Time Flies

Things are slow at work = longest day EVAH! But, online Christmas shopping is complete and facebook statuses are hilarious.

Things are slow at work but there are fun people to work with = day goes by and happy

Things are busy at work = day goes by quickly

Things are busy at work and there are fun people to work with = IDEAL WORK CONDITIONS! The day goes by quickly and things are joyous.

Things are UBER busy = Feels like each day is 3 because of so much work needing to be done that goes well into the night. The work required to be accomplished in one week should be spread out over multiple weeks. So, time goes by slowly - because each day feels like three.

Things are UBER busy and there are fun people to work with = DISMAL WORK CONDITIONS! You have so much work to do you don' t have time to pee. You know there are fun people to talk to, but you don't have time to even get coffee with them. They start to forget your name and classify you in the cube-monkey category. Finally they just move out and you are left with the other overloaded UBER busy cube-monkeys... You realize that no one even speaks English anymore. The guy across the hall speaks in firmware, the guy next to you speaks in bios, the guy down the hall grunts RTL, and me? ME? I speak in excel... I actually said today, "Yes, let me pivot that for you."

Guess which category my work has fallen in the past few weeks.

In the words of our VP - we have to get all of this done before he turns into a pumpkin in two weeks. (wha???)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back At It

Tomorrow - I head back to work. But, I get to work from home. Last week was so busy that I have been avoiding my work laptop all weekend.

Yesterday, we had our final weigh-in for my body-fit challenge at the gym. I only lost 10 pounds (over 8 weeks - it's a healthy loss of 1-2 pounds a week - INCLUDING Thanksgiving.) One of the guys in my class lost 26 - which is very impressive. However, he was much bigger than me and it ends up I had a higher percentage weight-loss than he did. SO I ENDED UP having the biggest weight-loss from my class. I don't know if I won the whole thing or not yet. And I'm not even sure if there is anything TO win. But - woohoo!

Speaking of weight-loss - hubby is making brownies right now and they smell wonderful.

We got our outside lights up yesterday and our inside decorated today. Yay!

Christmas shopping has begun. I don't know what I did before Amazon - I pay for my Prime membership during Christmas. I did find out that the gift I got my mom from Macy's was delivered. Only not to me. And to someone in Florida (I live in California) - who signed for it. I think someone got a nice Christmas gift from me and it wasn't my mom. ARGH! Macy's has been strenously avoiding me. I'll give them until tomorrow to reply.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Not Pleasant

Oh man people -

This week has not been pleasant. I have gone from absolutely NOTHING to do at work (for a single morning) to being so busy that I just can't get it all done. I would much rather be busy. But, I don't like being so busy that I have to work at night and I don't have time for lunch. That is not pleasant.

This weekend should be exciting. Tomorrow I go into my final weigh in for my body fit challege. I have absolutely no expectations that I have won - however, I have lost quite a bit of weight and I have gone down 4 belt loops. that's not too bad for 2 months. I'm going to continue to work with my trainer one on one. She's really nice - if not a bit brutal. And I have seriously seen results from her tortuous methods. (wall sits - OMG... push ups... Holy crap... THE LONGEST PLANKS IN EXISTANCE!!!) But, that stuff works...

I also realized today that I'm definately a stress eater. Work has been I.N.S.A.N.E. the past two days - and today I was craving a double cheeseburger from Wendy's with large fries something fierce! I ended up grabbing a chili from the drive through to take it back to work to eat and work... I haven't really wanted a cheeseburger for the past 8 weeks - so I know that I must get some sort of comfort from food.

Ok - weird topic.

I'm hoping next week will be calmer at work. I sort of doubt it though. I think next week will be crazy work AND crazy personal life (holiday band concert, christmas card writing, baton competition, etc, etc, etc.)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OH NOEZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

My iphone - my beloved beloved iphone does not sync with my new computer... OH NOEZZZZZZ......

With my particular OS (Windows 7 64 bit- NOT beta) and my particular iphone software version - 3.1.2 it will not sync. And it's common... And Apple does not admit there is a problem and we should by a Mac, and Microsoft says to f-off because they don't care. Intel is actually "looking into it." Ummmm - I don't believe that for a moment...

IT ERASED ALL THE MUSIC AND AUDIO BOOKS I PREVIOUSLY HAD ON MY IPHONE... I DON'T THINK YOU ALL UNDERSTAND THE HELL I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW... I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY IPHONE AND IT JUST DIED ON ME.... The only way I'm still able to drive into work is because I have satalite radio and I can listen to the comedy channel..... OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!

I don't even have bejeweled blitz on it anymore... *SOB*

I'm trying one more thing - restoring the original settings - but all the iphone forums basically say that I'm screwed.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I should metion here - I hate Tuesdays. Most people hate Mondays. Me? No, I hate Tuesdays. Monday's are actually ok. I get to work from home. Coffee pot is just steps away. It's quiet. I can listen to my music without headphones. Nice.

Tuesdays - suck... They always suck. I get into the office and things are always busy - I can never actually get anything done. I also have to sneak out at 3pm so I can get Prissy to baton by 4 because she helps the coach teach the little girls.

Then, we don't get home until about 8pm. I do not like...

I overslept this morning. My alarm got into a funky mode and was set to go off on Sat/Sun... That's not helpful with it being TUESDAY and all. I was 35 mins late for my training session this morning. YES - SUCKITUDE!

But, I did get to have coffee with a friend who always makes me laugh - so there is that...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day

Well - today is officially the last day of blogging every day of November. I think I missed a few days. Oh well, it got me back in the habit. I think that I'll keep going.

Today was rather boring - I went back to work, I was busy. Bubba went to Taekwondo. I got my allergy shots and picked up out family Christmas photos.... Oh... exciting...

I have to get up super early for my training session. Next week begins me working out 1:1 with my trainer... Yikes... The last time I tried that I got fired... It wasn't pleasant. However this trainer is so much of a better fit for me.

Ok - I'm done... wrapping up now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back To Work

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm not at all excited about it. The only good thing is that I only have to work for 3 weeks before I get some time off for Christmas. Fortunately or unfortunately - things at work get EXTREMELY busy in the first couple of weeks of December. Projects that are due by the end of the year are kicked into high gear. Budgets wrap up - and end of the year close happens. This is where I come in - spending the remaining budgets, getting ready for the 2010 budgets and finalizing plans. And everyone is paniced becaused they want to get it done before they go on vacation.

Anyway - I like being busy - it makes the day go by faster. But, it's also busy in my personal life. Christmas shopping, decorating, kids holiday shows, baton competition season starts, parties, etc, etc, etc.. I have to major doctor things I need to get taken care of in the next few weeks (gotta get them in before my insurance deductible resets in 2010. It's just difficult with all this H1N1 stuff to get in to actually see the doctor.) I need to get two facial moles removed and I need to get my knee fixed. My two moles have always been "beauty marks" but, now they are just getting really big and they are more like scary witches moles on the face. It's time for them to be removed.

That's all... I'd like to get up early and go to the gym tomorrow... We'll see how that works out.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today Prissy had a baton clinic in the bay area (that's Northern Cali - San Francisco Area for all of those that don't actually LIVE in CA.) Anyway - it was a clinic where great coaches were brought in and a few select girls were chosen to come and they got to work on new skills and a few team routines. Then, got to work on their individual routines.

I'm just so proud of Prissy - she just keeps working. I can't tell you how hard she works and tries and puts effort into the day... Yes, I think that Prissy walks on water with baton (I'm not a twirler - so I think she's pretty spectacular..) But, it's not that - it's the fact that she makes friends with all the other girls, that she pushes herself (this mama don't push - this mama says, "you look tired honey, you wanna go home?") She keeps working.... I think she has this ideal in her head and she's gonna achieve it damnit!

Often times, I have to make her quit practicing. She is often saying, "I want to catch just ONE... fill in the blank..." Today, she was about ready to call it quits when the world champion two baton twirler (really - world champion - seriously - if it was in the olympics - he would have won..) wanted to work with her on her two baton routine. She was tired, her legs and arms were sore - but she couldn't pass up working with him. He completely changed her routine (added in some seriously cool tricks - and made her routine a stretch for her...) Then, she wanted to practice it. After she had the routine down - she said she wanted to go through it 3 more times.. I knew she was pretty tired after twirling all day - two baton is seriously strenuous - I almost considered telling her no... But, she wanted to do it... And she did... And she rocked it...

It's hard to explain - I'm proud of her because she has a tenacity that I simply do not posess. I'm proud of her because she pushes through exhaustion when I would have given up long ago... I'm proud of her for being so damn sweet to the other kids and realizing that a clinic is a great time to make friends when I would have been scoping out the competition. I'm proud of her for not giving up when given something beyond her skill set (she was by far the youngest kid there)... I think I would have gotten frustrated and quit... Even at her age - she's so much better than me. And that's really what we want isn't it?

She's an amazing young woman... And it almost hurts my heart. I wrote - she's an amazing little girl- and she's not a little girl anymore.. She really is a young woman.

And a young woman that I'm so incredibly proud of.

Friday, November 27, 2009

kicked it today

I had all sorts of plans to go to Target, and get my toes done, go exercise, take Prissy to practice baton... But, I only got a bit of it done today. Which was fine. I felt busy - but really I don't think I did much. I went to the gym where Prissy got to practice her baton (in preparation of the clinic she is attending tomorrow.) Then, I took her home, went back to the gym and worked out on the eliptical. It actually felt pretty good.

I'm going to my guitar lesson in just a little bit. The weather is yucky right now - it's rainy and cold. Typical Northern Cali weather. I haven't practiced much this week - so I hope he's not terribly disappointed.

Not much else to blog about - just kicking it. Tomorrow, I have to take Prissy to the Bay Area for her baton clinic. It's an all day affair. There are some world class instructors coming to help a few select twirlers - should be a good experience for Prissy. I'm not looking forward to the drive though - especially if it keeps raining.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble!

For everyone in the US I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We had a nice day with lots and lots of food.

I'm still full and content and sleepy.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


  • I should be in bed already - I have to wake up early and go work out with my trainer and then make our Thanksgiving Feast.
  • I should be practicing my guitar instead of playing on the computer.
  • I should have cleaned my house instead of watching Biggest Loser all night.
  • I should have gotten my lazy ass on the treadmill tonight.
  • I should have had more of a heart to heart with my son this morning when he was throwing what I felt was an unreasonable fit.
  • I should have chosen to have oranges instead of my husbands pumpkin pie tonight (although - it was diet pie and really not terribly bad..)
  • I should be done with my Christmas shopping like 99% of everyone - instead I haven't even started.

I have a lot of should haves... But, really, I don't care tonight... As I type the above words - the only one that truly concerns me is not sitting down with Bubba trying to figure out what the heck is going on with him. He has been freaking out the last few days - screaming, crying, throwing things - but it lasts for like 3 mins and it's totally over. It's like he's a hormonal pre-teen girl... Earlier, I was thinking he has just been tired - but he's been going to bed at a normal time and sleeping in (as late as he ever does.) But, now as I sit here at 11pm - I realize that something has to be going on... I'm not sure what it is... I know that his rage is very directly pointed at his dad and his sister... But, I don't really understand why yet. I think I should probably get to the bottom of it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation isn't going as planned

My vacation isn't really going as planned. Yesterday I had to work. I'm not sure that my day off really constitutes a vacation if I had to work... Not quite sure about this new group.

And today - I spent my morning at the DMV. I had to get my license renewed (holy crap - that means I've been in this state for a LONG time if I had to renew at DMV.) I also had to do some stuff with my car title due to my car loan.

Bubba has been attending this baseball camp in the mornings this week. It's pretty cool actually. There are professional baseball players there giving them instructions and this week is focused on hitting and pitching. He is really learning a lot. He is quite the little baseball player. I'm still waiting for him to find his passion though.

And I find that ironic, since I'm not absolutely positive that I myself have found my "passion." Maybe playing bejeweled? ahhaah...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stupid Knee

Ok -

I think I posted (a long time ago) about my stupid knee.

Every time I try to get fit and exercise - my knee starts giving me problems. Well - in this last go-round, my knee has started to give me problems.

So - after 4 weeks of trying - I finally get into the doctor and she sends me to x-rays and tells me I have to go to a orthopedic doctor. Here we go again... *sigh*

I worked today... Even though I was on vacation...

Bubba went to baseball camp today... He really liked it...

I made chocolate chip cookies - and blew my diet (after 8 weeks of not cheating AT ALL). .. I was craving chocolate something fierce... They are SO DANG GOOD....

Now my stomach hurts. Bleh...

I have to go to the DMV tomorrow... Double Bleh...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cool Age!

My daughter is finally old enough to see "some" chick flicks with me. Tonight we went and saw New Moon together. That is just so cool. She and I have both read all of the books and we have also listened to them together as well. So, it was only fitting that we went and saw New Moon together. (We didn't see Twilight together - she hadn't started reading them yet.

Anyway, it was nice to go out together for some "girl" time. It's super cool to have a daughter.

I'm still a bit perturbed that I have to work tomorrow on my vacation day. Doesn't seem like much of a vacation. But, I guess that just gives me another day I can use later.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Saturday

I was planning on sleeping in this morning - but alas - it didn't happen. We got a call at way-to-early-o'thirty from the parent of my son's friend wanting to know when Bubba's soccer game was - so they could come (as a side note - this parent used to coach this team.) But, the game wasn't until 1pm - so getting woken up sort of sucked.

Also - my vacation for Monday was cancelled. The big VP wants to meet with me and some other people. I knew that this was coming. I was just really looking forward to sleeping in... It doesn't look like I'll get to sleep in on Monday either.

On a positive note - today was Bubba's last soccer game of the season. Would it make me a bad mom to say that I'm SO FREAKING GLAD THE SEASON IS OVER?!!!???!!??!?!?!??!!!? It wasn't even a huge time commitment - I'm just glad it's done with.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bullet Friday

I'm not even sure what to write about... So - you get bullets...

  • Today was SUPPOSED to be my last day of work before vacation.
  • I think I will need to work some while I'm on vacation.
  • A bunch of stuff "came up" these last two days that need IMMEDIATE ATTENTION FROM HECTICMOM.
  • Whatever - I get paid well and I can do the work from home.
  • Today was our annual turkey bowl at work. We throw a frozen turkey carcass down a hallway over a Pammed slip and slide towards bowling pins. If we get a strike we get a starbucks gift certificate.
  • I got a strike! and a gift certificate!
  • The Turkey Bowl idea was stolen from my previous group that goes bowling with actual bowling balls and pins and everyone gets a turkey.
  • I like bowling with an actual turkey better - and everyone still gets a turkey.
  • Bubba didn't get in trouble today.
  • I got a new song at my guitar lesson - I'm going to play Silent Night.
  • Not sure how I feel about that.
  • I need to change the strings on my guitar.
  • I got my mom's and MILs Christmas presents ordered today.
  • I was supposed to go to New Moon with friends from work today - but I got pulled into actual work and was unable to go.
  • I have been in my current job and current role for 1 year.
  • I only worked for 6 months at my last "company" and it felt like a life sentence.
  • This past year has gone by quickly.
  • I'm finally feeling like I'm somewhat competent in my job.
  • I'm feeling jealous of all those that went to New Moon.
  • including our babysitter.
  • and my sister.
  • whatever.
  • I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
  • I'm typing this on our new computer.
  • It's acting up for me - but it's still better than our old computer.
  • I love the TV show Glee.
  • And Modern Family.
  • Actually Modern Family is probably the funniest show in TV right now.
  • That's all - I think I'm going to bed early tonight.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never Ending

Today started out incredible - I went to my training and I was down THREE pounds from last week. I went to work and one of my co-workers said, "Have you lost weight?" By the way - those are always the right words to say to a woman - unless she has gained a bunch of weight.

Anyway, I was feeling happy and gleeful.

Until I read my email - several issues have arisen today which just may impact my vacation. There are some signficant changes and issues which will cause me to have A LOT OF WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY. So, I may not get to fully enjoy my vacation. Ugh...

Then - we found out during our parent teacher conference that Bubba got another citation (one more in the next 3 months and he is suspended... OMG...) Apparently he was making inappropriate gestures with his shadow (he held his finger between his legs so it looked like his penis was sticking out...) Ok, whatever. But, I guess a few 8 year old girls were offended and asked him to stop and he didn't...

Bad choice... It was rude, crude and socially unacceptable... But, come on? Seriously? He had to go to the principal because of a shadow? Now - hitting a kid - I TOTALLY get the trip to the principal. Making a crude shadow? That seems rude - but pretty normal 8 year old boy behavior... Doesn't it? Am I just too lax about this? Are they maybe watching him a little too closely waiting for him to screw up again?

I think there might be two parenting extremes here - one that jumps all over their kid and punishes the crap out of them (I think I tend to lean this way).. And then the parent that jumps all over the school administration making excuses for their kids... I'm not planning on talking to anyone about this - but this one? I'm not so concerned... We talked to him - he felt bad... We talked about doing things that make him feel good about his actions and that would make me and his dad proud and that making penis shadows wasn't really an action that we were really proud of.. But, we didn't add on to his punishment... But, is he too curious?

This parenting stuff is HARD... I have no idea if this is totally screwed up behavior or not...

On the other hand - we met with Prissy's teacher and she said she loved Prissy and wanted a classroom full of her. The only concern was that she was a bit of a perfectionist... And to watch it so she didn't get so stressed out.

I swear to Gawd that I'm Marge Simpson - Bubba is Bart and Prissy is Lisa... Maybe I'll change their names on this blog... :D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Trouble Today

Today - yes mark it down - TODAY my son didn't get in trouble... I know.... Awesome Right?... He was actually really really sweet. We cuddled on the couch and watched Total Drama Island (cartoon reality show and pretty funny) and Biggest Loser... It was nice. I need to enjoy days like these - because I seriously doubt my teenage son will want to cuddle with me while watching real or fake reality TV... (haha - get it? fake reality TV?)

He didn't do his reading homework while his babysitter was here - but he did it later... So, that's not all bad.

I get up before the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow... It's my LAST day of my group physical training. I've lost a total of 15 pounds. And my regular pants fit (as opposed to my fat or skinny pants - I only have one pair of skinny pants remaining in my closet... I got rid of most of them because they are out of style because it's been SO FREAKING LONG SINCE I'VE BEEN ABLE TO WEAR SKINNY PANTS)... My fat pants are falling off of me... So - that's something...

I'm rambling... I better wrap up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Park and Selfishness...

A few months ago - the park across the street from our house was burned down. The local belief is that a bunch of teenagers did it - they stuffed newspapers into the crawling tube and caught it on fire - burned the sucker to the ground. There are two parts of the park - the "big kids" park and the "baby" park. The baby park is what was destroyed - as were all the trees.

It was pretty scary - it happened in the middle of the night, burning leaves were flying through the air. The elementary school is right next to the park and there are several houses that surround the park - ours is across the street, but several others are "attached" to the park by their backyards. They were all outside with hoses trying to spray their trees, yards, and houses down so they wouldn't catch fire if a burning leaf came sailing into their yard (it was right during the hottest and driest part of the summer.)

This was really bad. They didn't catch the kids that did it (but, we all can pretty much guess who they are - our town isn't that big.)

Ok - that leads us to today...

The school newspaper came out and there is an article about the arson and there are quite a few comments from my son's class. Most of them say they are sad that the babies won't have a place to play and that the people that did it should go to jail.


"I think the people who burned the baby park down are so mean and aggressive."
"I feel sorry for the little kids. I mean where are they supposed to go without getting hurt?"
"I feel very, very upset because they burned down the little kid's playground. I think they should get a spanking in public and say sorry."

There are many quotes like this. Being mad at the people who did it and being sad for the babies.

Here is my son's quote:

"I feel really, really mad and sad. Now I can't play football. I can't go backwards on the slide. I can't talk back and forth with the speakers."


This is the only comment that says something selfish.

I think we may be getting closer to the root of all self. (keep your kids community activities coming! I'd LOVE to have something to help others that may not be as fortunate as we are.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Uninteresting Posts

We went to a party last night at my dear friends house. I have 2 really good women friends. I think I mentioned that earlier last week. One of them asked my entire family over to celebrate her husband's 40th birthday. We gladly agreed - we love spending time with them and we know it's a peanut/nut free house (we met through our kids being at the same school and her son also has a nut allergy.) The kids all get along and Hubby and her hubby get along well too. It is unusual for us to be friends with both sides of the couple and the kids too.

Anyway - Bubba... Again... Bubba broke down their master bedroom door. He said it was an accident... But, come on - he had to have been running full force into that door with his shoulder. Broke the sucker right in two... OH.MY.GAWD..... I have never been so mortified... They invite us over to their house and my son DESTROYS their house.

It's been a bad week for the boy child this week...

So - tacked on now - he has to pay for the door. And he is going to do community service - and earn money for working. I think we'll start with him picking up trash in the park. Then, maybe sweeping out the dugouts at the city softball and baseball fields.. He will earn $5 an hour (from us) to do this work that will go towards the cost of the door.

I'd like to have have him do some other types of community service - any suggestions? I want him to understand that he has SO much... And to maybe learn a little gratitude and respect for his and other people's things.

It's been a bad week for the boy child... I'm not feeling terribly proud of his actions this week.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not So Happy With the Boy

Nope -

I'm not so happy with the boy child today. The principal called. Yup - it was about Bubba. I guess that he shoved one of his friends hard enough so his friend fell down. I guess someone said they could hit harder than Bubba and Bubba had to prove him wrong. Oh crap....

So - this is the second time the principal has called this year. The first time was when Bubba grabbed a girls butt.


Ok - butt grabbing. not really ok, but not horrible. But, shoving a kid to the ground - that one is a big one. He's in some serious trouble.

To be completely selfish - it is just SO DAMN humiliating to have the principal call because your kid is bad. Makes me feel about 2 inches high.

I so don't want him to turn into a horrible teenager. And, I know a lot of what he does is relatively "normal" behavior - not ok - but in the scheme of things "normal." And what is crossing the line. Do we take him to a therapist? Or, is shoving his friends, playing grab ass and hoarding candy normal and expected? Prissy would NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS intentionally break a rule. So - this is all very new.

And I'm at a loss (we did take away xbox and having friends over for 2 weeks. He has to go back to Taekwondo and get his room decluttered (hopefully instilling a little discipline) and has to be in bed 15 mins earlier. (to ensure sleep isn't an issue.)) It seems a little extreme - but he keeps making the wrong choices. He knows it's not ok to hit.

Any advice is always appreciated.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy Early

I have to get up crazy early tomorrow morning (it's my physical training day), so this is going to be short.

- Work shouldn't be busy right now - but it is. And it's irritating.
- The babysitter is working out great.
- I'm tired and could really use a break.
- I hate exercising.
- I know I NEED to exercise.
- But I hate it.
- Even though I feel great afterward.
- I still hate it.
- I exercised tonight.
- Because I'm so tired of being overweight.
- And because I want my cute little figure back.
- The food part hasn't been nearly as hard this time.
- I have no idea why - it's been 5 weeks and so far so good.
- But exercising sucks.
- I'd rather practice my guitar.
- and play bejeweled blitz on facebook.
- and drink wine.
- Unfortunately, all this exercise and good eating are not translating to Many Pounds off.
- But, I have gone down 3 belt holes.
- And my sweaters fit again. (you know it's bad if the sweaters are too small.)
- I'm not dreading my training class tomorrow.
- But, I am dreading work.
- So many tedious things that I need to do.
- and no fun things in my near future.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girlfriends Make the World Go Round

I don't have a lot of women friends - and even fewer straight women friends. Due to my degree and career - I tend to be around men most of the time. And mostly techy nerdy men. And many from different countries. However, most of my work friends are men (not all, but definitely the majority.)

But, I do have two very close women friends. Unfortunately, we don't get to interact in person very often. During my CRA-ZAY-ZEE work project in the months of August, September and part of October I barely had time for my kids let alone friends.

But today - the stars must have aligned and I got to see my two women friends (they don't know each other and I don't think I have ever seen them on the same day before.) One - I haven't seen for well over a year. We keep in touch on facebook and the phone. She is still my best friend - we just don't get much face time. The other it's been probably 6 months? OMG - as I was sitting here trying to figure out when I've seen them last I didn't realize it's been so long.

So - I saw them both today. And it has just really lightened up my heart.

I forget how important friends are. And girlfriends especially (not that I'm at all dissing my men friends - some of who read this blog. You know I adore you and couldn't have made it through my career without you!) But, sometimes a girl just needs another girl to bitch with.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost Forgot To Post

I almost forgot to post this evening. I was playing Bejeweled on Facebook trying to beat Hubby's score. This is the first week he's ever beat me. Yes, that IS what my life has come to - playing Bejeweled on Facebook.

I was so tired today that I didn't even go to Taekwondo tonight - just because I REALLY didn't feel like it. I should have. But, I simply could not make myself go. Ugh...

Anyway, our babysitter started today. The kids like her. We like her. She's a senior and a really good kid. We've known her and her family for years through Taekwondo. But, it's weird to have someone here while we are at work. It's one thing if my kids are at day care or "kid jail" as they call it. Kid jail = after school care provided by the school. Yeah, like I really want to send my kids ot kid-jail... *le sigh* But, to have my kids at home - with someone not me or Hubby. It just feels... awkward? I dunno... guilt filled? yes, but, no that's not the word I'm looking for... Ah - it's a bit of an invasion into mama bear's territory... yes... that's how it feels. I guess it's the best choice we have right now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


When I was just a wee lass - I love love loved music and wanted more than anything to be a musician. I played the violin (not exceptionally well) and the piano (which was more for pure pleasure.) Some kids played sports, some loved the theatre, but I was a pure orchestra geek. I did the whole state orchestra thing, and had recitals, and even traveled around Europe and played in an orchestra for several weeks before my senior year in High School.

Then, college - I played in the university's orchestra. But, I didn't win a scholarship. My standmate DID get a scholarship and couldn't play AT ALL. So, I quit out of pride. It ends up that he was out of state and they got all the scholarships first. Bah... They asked me to come back and told me they would give me a scholarship and told me I only needed to do so many orchestra credits. But, I still said no - my young and stupid prideful self decided that once wounded - I would wound myself further.

Later as an adult after I lived in CA and before I had children - I took violin lessons for a few weeks. It didn't go well and I did not enjoy it. I felt weird practicing - we lived in a duplex and it just felt weird - like everyone could hear every mistake I made.

Fast forward about 12 years - and I WANT music in my life. We don't have room (or the money) for a piano. I don't really want to play the violin. But, I do want to enjoy playing music. So, I got a guitar. I tried to teach myself - but that didn't go so well. So, I started lessons about a month and a half ago. I really like it - it's terribly frustrating sometimes, and I have terrible performance anxiety when playing for my teacher. But, I enjoy practicing and making music. It's opening up my creative side again - which has been closed for so long.

So - I'm gonna be a gee-tar player. Right now I'm focusing on classical guitar - as that is sort of where my previous training has me. I'm not so excited just about playing chords as background music to vocal songs. I want the guitar itself to make the music.

So - that's what's new with me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Busy - Less Busy - Busy

The last few months have been pretty tough around our house. Here has been our schedule:

Monday: Work, Allergy shots, Softball from 6-8pm...
Tuesday: Early morning workout from 5:00 - 6:30am, work, leave early - bust ass - soccer from 5-6 and baton from 4-8.
Wednesday: Work and then Blissfully open evening (in which we usually watch the biggest loser)
Thursday: Early morning workout from 5:00 - 6:30am, work, soccer from 5-6, Softball from 6:30 - 8:30
Friday: Work, Guitar lesson 6:30 - 7:00

No time for Taekwondo in there at all. No time for anything. We were barely able to get our grocery store and laundry done. I can say it left me a little raw.

Now, softball is over, and the time has changed, so no more softball practice and soccer practice is too early to make it there if we have to work.

Our house was a disaster. We were all a little bit stressed out. We were all just ready to have a break.

So, right now we are in our - not as busy timeline. We can go back to Taekwondo. We can all sort of get back to a little more normal...

But, Christmas is right around the corner. Our Baton competition season starts in just a few weeks. Things will get busy - but in a different way.

I think I'll just take a deep breath and try to sleep in tomorrow. :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cat

First things first - Prissy is home. She was full of stories of adventures and songs. She had a great time. It's wonderful to have her back. Having her and her brother fighting again is not as wonderful. But, at least I'm not hearing, "I'm BOOOOOORED!!!!"

I have a confession - I own a obsessive compulsive cat. She is almost 3 years old. She is a tuxedo cat (meaning, she's black with a white belly, a white mouth/face and white paws.) Tuxedo cats are known to be a little "odd." Well mine - she's an obsessive cleaner. She cleans herself almost constantly. If we pet her, she cleans herself. If she wakes up - she cleans herself. She is the cleanest cat around.

The weird thing is that she cleans everyone else around her too. Our 2 year old cat is a white cat with a calico head and tail (she's quite beautiful) Oreo (our tuxedo) is constantly grooming her as well. If we are holding Oreo - she will groom us. She licks our hands until they are raw. It's not kisses, it's cleaning.

I suppose I should talk to the vet about it - but I don't want to deal with kitty Valium again (don't ask).. So, in the meantime - we have the cleanest cats and hands on the block.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bahbee Comes Home Tomorrow

Ok -

So, I'm not the most emotional person. I know - considering I work at an engineering company and with mostly male engineers - I know it's a little surprising. You'd think that I'd just break down and cry all the time. Well, not so much. I fit my job.

But, I MISS MY BAHBEE! She's been gone for 4 days now - and I miss her!!!! I can't wait until she comes back tomorrow (at 2pm - I'm totally leaving work early so I can see her!) I'm feeling a little verklept - I am surprised at how empty the house feels without her around. Even with Bubba here - gosh, without Bubba it would feel dead...

It has made me realize that I only have a few more years with her. I only have a few more years of crazy baton/softball/soccer/cross country shuffle. While she has been gone - I've gotten a lot of stuff done - but it's stuff for baton - which is stuff ultimately FOR HER.... So - I realized - I need to really enjoy these days. I need not to stress out quite so much... I need to watch her at her practices instead of trying to get some extra work done. Work will always be there - she won't.... I realizer that this won't last forever (shoot - she's right around the corner from being a cranky teenager - and I should just enjoy the fact that she's still a sweet awesome kid that thinks her parents are cool... I think I only have months of this left. :P)

I'm glad that Prissy is coming home tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Work and Baton

Well -

As some of you know - I have started some baton classes here in my local city. I'm not teaching the classes of course - I don't know how to twirl. But, my daughter's coach is teaching the little ones and we are trying to build the team back up from the loss of all the big girls that graduated last year. Anyway, I also have been asked to be the membership chair for the CA Baton Council. Which is sort of exciting, and a little weird. I just got involved in the council this year.

Anyway, I have had quite a few of baton tasks that have piled up on me recently for both my own little group and for the council. In the last two days, I knocked off a bunch of stuff. Including an online contest registration process and creating a new membership form. So, this all sounds boring to read in a blog - but it has just been something on my plate for a couple of months. Just sitting there. Niggling... Bugging... You know? When you have something and it gets pushed out, de-prioritized? And it sort of eats at you? And you know you need to do it? Yeah - it was like that. So - without Prissy here this week, we didn't have softball OR baton - I've had SO MANY EXTRA HOURS! It's nice to have time to actually do stuff. And it was fun to create a webpage. Teehee... Takes me back to my roots a little bit.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not even hump day

Wow -

I almost forgot to post today. I was taking my shower, getting ready for bed and ZANG! I remembered that I hadn't posted yet.

Did I tell you that I've been working out with a trainer? It's a small group. And I have this really cool trainer that is nice, but not too cheerleadery. But, holy crap she pushes us. I'm sore every Tuesday and Thursday.

Unfortunately - it's starting to make my knee act up again. I have decided to baby it and take really good care of it and not try to push through it - because that never works. And as soon as I push just a little too far, I can't exercise at all, then why not eat a freaking Big Mac? Right?

So, I'm going to try really hard to make sure I don't over do. My goal weight is just a few months away! I can't let big obstacles get in my way now!

Speaking of that - I'm going to go ice it - because it's as big as a softball tonight.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quiet House

All day I've been thinking about Prissy - "Oh, she's on the bus now!" "Oh, she's eating lunch at the camp now!" "oh, I hope her cabin-mates are friendly."

But, really - the house is so quiet. She's not shy and she's not quiet. She loves to tell stories, and when she is telling a story - you get the background, the history of all parties involved, the setting, the weather and the emotions of all present. I'll take her 20 mins to tell you that two girls were wearing the same shirt to school. It can at times be a bit exhausting. But, when it's not here? Things are so quiet.

Bubba said he wasn't going to miss Prissy. That he didn't like her. And he was glad she was going. Ummm... That was until she's been gone a few hours. He misses her terribly and he is SO BORED! They are each other's playmate. Sure, they fight. But, they still spend a lot of time together. And 70% of the time they have the best time ever. Anyway, he misses her already - A LOT!

Hubby and I went to Taekwondo this evening. We haven't been in a long time. We were not able to go to class while Prissy and Bubba were in soccer and softball. But, Softball season ended this past weekend - so we went back to class. It was moderately fun. But, not as fun as it has been in years past. It's good exercise though.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Yes - I Haven't Posted In Forever

Ok -

So, I joined the NaBloWriMo or whatever it is actually called - where I blog every day of November. I guess after last years blogging for 365 days - I got burned out. Either that or I just realized that I didn't have anything interesting to say.

Well that and Facebook happened.

Hello, my name is Hecticmom and I'm a Facebook-a-holic. Love it. I love the status updates, I love the games, I love the constant interaction. It has sucked me in good.

But, whatever.

Let's see, tomorrow my 10 year old daugther goes away for 5 days on a school trip. I guess it's a bit of a rite of passage for 6th graders in California. She's nervous, and excited and already starting to cry. She's going to have the time of her life. I'm so excited for her. However, I'm going to miss her terribly and I'm trying not to cry. *laugh*

The next week, you'll hear a lot about this little trip of hers. :)

So - sorry I've been gone so long. If you miss me terribly (hahahaha - followers? WHAT followers - it's been way to long unless I happen to be a forgotten entry in an RSS feed.) you can always friend me on facebook - I'm there a lot.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happiness Is...

Happiness Is...

...my new car (Duuuuuudes.... it's seriously seriously delicious.)

...my iPhone (I've had this little gadget for almost 2 years now - and it still amazes me every day. Hubby and I just put together a shared calendar at google - and it syncs to and from our iPhones. I had to add a doctor's appointment for Prissy (which I did on my phone while at the doctors office) - and added it on my iPhone, the google calendar website and on hubby's phone. Seriously slick.

...An ice cold glass of chardonnay...

...my son's cuddles... (just because my car and my iphone are before my son and daughter do NOT mean I love them less than my car and iPhone... :))

...my daughter being able to stay at home by herself while we go to Taekwondo (nice, because otherwise, she and her brother would be fighting like cats and dogs while hubby and I were in class.) It's even nicer when we come home and she's all showered and ready for bed.

...my crazy-ass cat carrying around her favorite stuffed toy (a whale) and dropping it at my feet and then meowing like crazy. She brought me a gift... She wanted to share her favorite toy with me. awww.....

...my bed that is awaiting upstairs. It's all soft and comfy.. I love my bed... (hate the alarm clock that sits next to it though. :P)

...feeling like "not a total and complete failure at work." Right now - I'm working on a HUGE HUGE HUGE project... If I screw this up - everyone will know about it and blame me for LOTS of things for the next 18 months. I do not currently feel like a screw up and I sorta kinda know what I'm doing. This is the first time I've felt like this in quite a few years. Which means I'll probably screw this up... *LAUGH*

...testing for first degree taekwondo black belt midterms on Thursday - this is the first step of many on the road to my second degree. I know the stuff and I'm excited to get going. More than that though - we have a good friend that is testing for their black belt on Thursday and we get to cheer him on. I know he'll do great!

...popcorn with real butter...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today I am...

(I totally stole this from badger...)

...reading Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care - I love Jodi Picoult, but I'm halfway through this book and it's just ticking me off. I'll keep reading though - until I can't... :)

...setting up shared calendar's so hubby and I can use the same calendar which is accessible through our iPhones... ROCKIN!!!! I have a baton team calendar, a personal calendar (which updates with my work stuff) and a new family calendar! Hubby and I update our "stuff" - baton, taekwondo, Bubba's soccer practice, haircuts, softball board events, etc.. Dudes - this is just really neat... I think we have finally found a way to keep in sync so we can stay organized!

...grilling peppercorn tenderloin, rice a roni, and a bunch of roasted veggies on the grill... OMG! I love grilled roasted veggies! It was a meal to die for! (and yes, I did make the rice-a-roni on the grill - so THERE!)

...getting my toes done because they look like CRAP! And if I want to wear sandals my toes can't be all skanky-like! And duh! It's summer, I don't wear anything BUT sandals!! The people at my normal nail place were all, "WTF - where have you been?!!??" I should have felt guilty but I didn't.. My last pedicures were in AZ with Prissy at Nationals, with one of my BFFs to "catch up" and in the Bay Area while Prissy was at Baton Camp... So - it's actually been several months since I've been to my regular place. And, I have to say - my regular place is still the best. HOLY SMOKES!!! BEST FOOT MASSAGE EVAH!!! (Crystal Nails 2 - Rocklin, CA - seriously, the best around.. and not so expensive!)

...sleeping in, because I'm seriously not a morning person and I haven't slept in for a LOOOOONG time... I'm dreading waking up early tomorrow...

...getting baton team stuff setup so we're ready for the '09-'10 season to start!

...cuddling with my son while watching Big Brother... (probably one of my favorite things of today)

...going to Safeway and buying groceries... Bubba came - he was really good and we got Starbucks... But, it was still going to the store, which is just a chore. I felt minorly guiltly because I should have gone to Walmart first - but I had a lot of fresh fruit, veggies and meat that I needed. Not the best thing to buy at Walmart and I just didn't feel like spending the day grocery shopping..

...writing a blog and while it seems like I've been totally busy today, I've really accomplished nada....

...dang - my life is so dull... SEE why I haven't been updating my blog? *smile*

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Update

Oh man -

It hasn't even been that long and I'm already posting again. That's Right! Uh huh!

What is new here? I've been totally stressed out... I can't tell you why exactly... Just stressed... about something... I think it's the fact that we're "in between" things right now... Soccer doesn't start for another week. Winter softball doesn't start for awhile... Baton, I thought that we had 2 weeks off - but, it's probably closer to 1.5 weeks off. We still have taekwondo (and testing next week - YOWSA!) - but I think I'm stressed out because there isn't a heck of a lot going on and I'm feeling all discombobulated about it.. :D

Work is really busy right now... I have my BIG PROJECT OF THE YEAR due quite soon... The one project that really matters in my newish role... 'Nuff said... However, I did teach a class today - and I did "not-bad." So, that is encouraging... It's all sort of hectic though.

Ok - I'm looking for a new car... Yes, I'm trading my bad-ass minivan in... I love her - but she's almost at 100K miles and starting to show her age. I love her.. She's been an awesome awesome mini-van... She has just done great through years of my commute... But, she's starting to show signs of age. I think that I spend more on fixing her each month than I would on a new car payment.... So, I think it's time... And I think this is the root of my stress... I drive 45 minutes to work each day - all city driving - so I decided to invest in a hybrid. But, I don't want a sedan or any low driving car. I have it narrowed down to two: the toyota highlander hybrid and the Lexus RX450h... The Lexus is EXPENSIVE! And highly in demand - so little negotiation room... but, holy crap is it nice... The Highlander is just about perfect... But, it doesn't have "cooling" seats... *lol*

My awesome interest rate loan expires on Wednesday - so I need to make a decision quickly. Just adds stress...

But, it's a good stress.. :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ummm... I'm guessing there isn't anyone here...

Wow -

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted here. I guess I just got totally burned out. Also - Facebook has sort of become my latest addiction. It's like a blog - but in just a sentence... And there are games - with competition. I totally dig it. :) If any one wants to friend me on facebook - just email me and I'll tell you my log in name.

So - I guess I should update how things are going... They are going well. Very well... I'm pretty happy in my job... Well, I like my boss (he is really the boss I would choose to work for)... I feel valued - which I find to be the most important aspect of my career... I did not feel valued at my other company and got the heck out of there. I get crazy busy, then things get terribly slow - they crazy busy... My current work - it's rather dull, even in the busy times. But, it's important... I'm still finding my way and my place in my group... It's important, and needs to be done... However, I'm not sure I can do it for the rest of my life. (and I do miss managing people.)

The kids are awesome! Bubba is back in Taekwondo by his choice. We started something called combat sparring - which is sparring (fighting) with a stick... To an 8 year old boy it's a heck of a lot like a StarWars light saber. So, he has come back and really likes it. It's fun to be a black belt. Hubby and I are also enjoying being black belts - but we are also finding it hard to make it to classes.

Prissy and I went on a week long trip to Tucson, AZ last week. Yes - the desert in July is a great place to be! Prissy competed in the United States Twirling Association National Twirling Competition. This has been a rather tough year for her - her first coach (who she absolutely idolized) "retired" from coaching and Prissy got a new coach. Now - the new coach is one of world's best coaches (seriously) and coaches the US Twirling Team that competes at the World Competition. But, being 10, it was a tough transition. I think in the past month or 2 Prissy and her new coach finally gelled...

Anyway, we were very excited for the National Competition. We were to leave last Tuesday, and Monday - Prissy had a fever of 102. I took her to the doctor who quickly diagnosed her with a cold and told us good luck... :) We decided to go ahead and make the trip - deciding if she felt horrible on Wednesday (her first competition day) that we would just skip it. She felt better and competed.

All in all, Prissy placed 4th in both National Strut and Solo. And got a first place trophy for Intermediate Solo. She did so well and I'm so proud of her. She just worked so hard in the last few weeks before Nationals. It was something that really impressed me.

I got to meet a lot of other baton parents, which was nice and also very interesting. I learned that some parents push their kids so hard that it burns them out. At 9 and 10 years old. I saw one mother screaming at her daughter after she didn't perform very well (which happens - dude, there are a lot of people and judges and hands get sweaty!) Anyway, this mother screamed at her daughter for all to hear, "I can't believe you performed so poorly! I'm not paying all of this money for you to be mediocre! If you want to be mediocre we'll get you shitty coaches! You have the world's best coaches! And I pay for it! I expect you to be a champion!!!" Ooooook...

So - it was a learning experience.

The best part though? Prissy and I got to spend a week together, just us. And I totally and completely enjoyed it. She's such a cool kid.. We laughed until we cried - we were constantly cracking each other up. She's just really neat and smart and funny and interesting... So - even if she had placed last in everything - the trip (and the money) would have been worth it - because I had a great time with my not-so-little-anymore girl.

I think those other "baton moms" are missing something so much more important.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sucky Blogger

I am a sucky blogger. I blog for 365 days straight - and then totally give up? Yes, yes I suck.


Well, I have realized that I have nothing interesting to say. Especially lately. My job is good. My boss is super. I am happy. My kids are good. My husband is the same as always. I just have nothing... Also - my online life has been sucked into facebook.

So, why check in now? I've gotten a couple of comments wondering where I am and if I'm ok. Yes - I'm great. Thank you all so much for asking.

But facebook - it is my newest addiction. I love it. I spend so much time there. I love mafia wars, and farm town and bejeweled blitz. I can't seem to draw myself away. I'm sorry. For those bloggers out there - I still read your blogs and I still love your blogs.

Ok - so sad - see - I've got nothing, nada.... Zilch!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Thursday

You know - sometimes love just sneaks up on you. I'll walk into the kitchen and realize that the dishwasher is unloaded.... Love.... Or, I'll walk into my closet and it's full of clean clothes... Love...

Tonight after dinner, the kids wanted to go to the park. We live across the street from the park (awesome!) so, I brought my book and a glass of wine out to our new super cool patio and read while the kids played at the park.

Hubby went over and they all started playing catch. Prissy would throw a softball to hubby, Bubba would throw a baseball to hubby and he would throw them both back. I was completely unable to read - I just watched my family playing catch at the park. My heart overflowed with warmth and love. I sat across the street and watched in secret this game of catch. It made me so fully of happiness.

Several of Bubba's friends showed up at the park and he ran off to play with them, and Prissy practiced pitching while hubby was her catcher. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Hubby giving Prissy tips on how to get the ball straighter. Bubba running around the park playing with his friends. Every once in awhile - I could hear a girl-giggle or a boy-yell come floating over on the wind.

I had to take a deep breath.... My family was happy...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Crap, but Not as Crappy?

Today was going ok - work was work. The big boss (my bosses boss) told me to not get too frustrated. I was thinking - this is nothing compared to the crap that I was dealing with before. I had a meeting over lunchtime - which bites. But, one of the things I forgot to write about yesterday was that Prissy told me that she felt like she had to go to the bathroom right after she went. I told her that if she got uncomfortable to let me know and we'd go to the doctor.

Hubby was the "Parent At Home" today. He IMs me at work right after Prissy got home from school and told me that Prissy said it burned when she peed. Ugh.. UTI - no doubt. She's a girl - it happens... It's the first time it's ever happened to her though.

So, I called the doctor and they said that they could get her in at 3:45. It was 2:40. A UTI isn't really a trip to the doctor that a daddy can take with his 10 year old daughter. At least not the daddy in this house. A UTI requires a urine sample. This means - a parent - holding a little itty bitty cup for said child to pee into. Not terribly easy when it's a girl - especially a rather "modest" girl at that. So, I told my boss and flew from work to home - 45 mins and called hubby and told him to have Prissy waiting for me outside. She flew into the car and we flew to the doctors office - 20 mins. We just BARELY made it.

A person there was 5 minutes late and they gave her appointment away. She was going crazy - "WHENEVER I GET HERE I HAVE TO WAIT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BUT IF I'M 5 MINUTES LATE I GET CANCELLED!!??!!!! HOW IS THAT FAIR??!!!!" I wanted to tell her because she was late, she made the doctors run even later. But, I didn't. We were on time. By the skin of our teeth.

We actually didn't have to wait very long - this is a new doctor for us and our waits have actually been really good. We maybe waited 5 mins. I've been in offices where a 2-3 hour wait is the norm. We were ushered in. Did the urine test (and yes, my hand did get covered in pee... TMI!) And Prissy does have a UTI. The doctor decided to give her a megadose of antibiotic while we were there. I guess it was really bad.

Anyway, we went to the pharmacy (at the grocery store) and got some cranberry juice and there was a Starbucks special going on - all grande drinks were only $2!!! I should have gotten something exotic, but I didn't. I got my usual (iced caramel machiato). Then, we had to race to Bubba's baseball game. He's really quite the baseball player. He almost almost almost got a double, but got tagged out right as he hit the base. Pretty exciting!

So, it's still been a busy day and not so good (never good when a child is sick), but not as irritating as yesterday.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Crap Day

Today really sucked. Not sucked like my dad and grandma both died (which would be totally weird, because neither of my grandma's are living) - but sucked like nothing went right. Nothing.

I got up this morning - and I was just having a bad hair day. Not a big deal - I have a bad hair day about 95% of the time. Today was my work from home day - which I was so excited about. My computer was not in the mood to play nicely today - so I had to go onsite to get an attitude adjustment. My drive into work was 45 mins. I got to work, got everything all straightened away. Had a co-worker tell me about his crappy weekend with work. Got accosted by a friend in the parking lot who was totally pissed off about his job and probably raved for a good 15 minutes - I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. But, at least I listened to him.

I drove home, and stopped by my allergist to get my allergy shot and got the shot giver from hell. Some allergy shot givers are awesome and some just are not. This one is HORRIBLE at giving allergy shots. I don't know why - but they always hurt like hell when she does them. I don't even feel it with other nurses. *shrug* Damn Pokey Nurse.

So - I get home (45 more minutes of driving), and there are 2 missed calls from the elementary school. From the kids line. (Which means, a kid called me because they forgot something - Bubba was going on a fieldtrip - so I had guessed it was him.) Anyway, there was no message (and it's not a number that can be called back.) But, it added stress (it ended up he wanted another jacket and his class shirt for his fieldtrip - not a huge issue).

Lots of just crap at work. Irritations. The utter and complete lack of planning by some people. Just a lot of it today.

Then, I take Prissy to get her allergy shots (20 mins of driving.)- and it just took a LONG time. We had to wait almost 45 mins. (I should take her to my allergist - there is never a wait - people are too afraid of the "Jabby Nurse.") Then, we drive home. (Another 20 mins. of driving.)

Ok, it's Monday, so we get a quick bite to eat at Subway. I have a bunch of little mouth sores from eating too many damn sunflower seeds at the baseball / softball games on Saturday - so eating anything hurts. Then, we had off to baton. (Drive 45 mins.) As soon as we get there and are walking in - I realize that Prissy does not have her baton. I was so angry I was seeing red. She not only had team practice, she had her private lesson too - it's not like she could borrow one for the whole time. So, I had to drive home to get her batons. (45 mins home, and then 45 mins back.) As soon as I sit down, the coach tells me she forgot her water bottle and would I mind going to get her a bottle of water. *10 calm**9 calm**8 calm* "Sure! No problem." And off I go - note that two other moms were sitting there while I was driving back and forth. So, I go to Starbucks (the closest place) to get her a bottle of water. Freaking Starbucks was out of water. WTH? They ALWAYS have water. So, I went to Walgreens and they had water. And I went back and gave her her water. Then, after Prissy's lesson, we drove the 45 mins home.

At a minimum I spent 5 hours and 10 mins driving today - on my work from home day. The only upside is that I'm listening to the audiobook Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult and it's really good - so at least the driving isn't quite as awful.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I Earned My Black Belt

I have always had a "goals" list. Always. It changes a lot, but I'm always working towards something. Many years ago - I put together a list and it had get a master's degree, get a black belt and complete a marathon. I got my master's degree and today, I got my black belt in Taekwondo.

I've been training for several years. It actually seems like I've been going to taekwondo classes forever. These last few months, I've been practicing like crazy for my black belt testing. I've actually been a big ball of nerves the last few weeks, and especially in the last few days.

I didn't forget my forms, and I did well on the sword form, and I nailed my board breaks (and I think I probably just passed sparring). I felt dazed after it was over. Like a big wet noodle.

During the ceremony - we have to get up and give a speech. Those of you that know me from work know that I'm very rarely speechless. I was speechless tonight - standing in front of everyone... I had a hard time trying to figure out what I was supposed to say. It was very overwhelming.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Wish I Could Do Better for You

I wish I had a super exciting and wonderful post to write for you. It's been awhile. I don't. I suck.

So - the infamous bulleted list of happenings:

  • Our yard is finally coming along. We have sidewalks, walls, decent dirt, pots and plants and trees. They just have to paint the walls, seal the sidewalks, put in the sod and the bark. It's looking REALLY nice. SO much better than I had expected.
  • I'm headed to Fresno with Prissy tomorrow for a baton competition.
  • Work has really amped up - and is hitting some stressful notes. However, I'm ultimately grateful for my new job. There are some serious layoffs at my previous company. I have no doubt that I would have been layed off.
  • Softball and Baseball season has officially started. Bubba - ROCKING the baseball. He has an incredible coach this year (YAY!) and he's just exploded in baseball-ness. Prissy is pitching and loving Softball.
  • Jade has a bit of a fan club. There is a group of little girls (and a boy) that watch her lesson. They are probably under 8 or so. They think she is just the bees knees. One of them pulled out her cell phone and started recording Prissy's lesson. They say things like, "OMG (the letters, not the words) she is INCREDIBLE!" They go get sticks and try to do the tricks that she does. It makes me laugh. Prissy is all super cool. I can see it on her face, "Yes, I am awesome. I will sign autographs after my lesson." *laugh*
  • Hubby and I are testing for our blackbelts a week from tomorrow. Unfortunately, Hubby SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY pulled a muscle at class on Monday and cannot currently do any Taekwondo at all. I really doubt that he will be able to test next week. I have to decide if I'm going to test without him or wait another 3 months. We made this journey together - it's sort of sad if I go ahead and test next week. (BUT I'M SO READY AND EXCITED TO TEST!!!!) I guess on the flip side - I'd have a videographer. :) Any suggestions?
  • Spring is here - I love the warmer temperatures. It makes my heart happy.
  • Bubba is being his typical Bubba self - he won this super award for doing a great deed and got all this special recognition. Then, he gets in trouble for not paying attention in gym and the principal calls. Yikes! This boy is like night and day - you never know what you are going to get.
  • Bubba is going back to speech therapy through the school. They are going to help him with his R's and with his vocal quality (due to the nodules on his vocal chords). I talked to the speech therapist today and she told me how cute he was. Bubba is a CUTE kid. Absolutely adorable, and charming like you wouldn't believe. However - I told her to be aware that he is very charming and to not let him get away with stuff. Neither Hubby nor I are very charming - I have no idea where he got this.

See - just random stuff. I really need to post some picks of our front yard. Soon....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Should Be Posting

Oh -

I should be posting - but it seems that the last thing I want to do after my day is to write. I just don't feel like what I have to say is all that important or interesting. But, I'm posting tonight anyway.

Prissy and I went to her baton competition this past weekend. She had a minimum day (they got out 12 minutes after they got to school) so we headed to the bay area early. We went shopping. I hate shopping. I'm not good at it. I don't enjoy it. It's a good shopping day if I don't end up having a panic attack.

... but, alas, my daughter is a pre-teen and she WANTS to go shopping. So we went to Justice. A pre-teen girl store. I did not have a panic attack and we found her several super adorable outfits. (Thank goodness for in-store maniquins that tell you how the clothes are supposed to go together.) It was also a good thing they had gummy bears. ON SALE!!! I know - awesome right?

Then, we went to Bath and Body Works - this is one store I can actually go into and find fun things. I know what my nose likes. I bought hand soaps and some yummy smelly things for my car and some hand sanitizer for Prissy (she requires this for her peanut allergy - she carries it at all times - this stuff actually removes peanut protein. It's a bonus that it smells nice. I <3 Bath and Body Works.

Then we went to Ann Taylor Loft - and I started feeling the panic start to creep up on me. I completely freak out at the thought of picking something with so many choices. But, we were having "fun" right? I told Prissy that she could pick out an outfit for me - any outfit and I would try it on. Oh, she zeroed in on a super cute shirt. Then the sales lady came up and Prissy told her that she was looking for a tank to go under the shirt. And she picked me out a cute lacy tank. Then, she picked me out a pair of black capris.

So, I went and tried them all on - and the shirt and tank - absolutely adorable. And absolutely me - but a little fancier (as Prissy says). Capris are hard for me. I'm a shorty and the capries came to the top of my ankles - a little long. We tried on a few other black slacks - but they just didn't work. So, I ended up with the shirt and the tank - which I'm wearing tomorrow - I have a big day of presenting and leading some major major department meetings. Perfect timing Prissy!

It'll be just me - but fancier.

And, I can say it - I had fun shopping with my daughter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm really tired tonight. Not exactly sure why - just a lot going on I suppose. I guess I should probably pack it up and go to bed. Prissy and I are headed to the bay area tomorrow afternoon, she has a baton competition on Saturday. Her routines are just starting to solidify - so hopefully she does well on Saturday. I'm hoping t0 be home at a reasonable hour on Saturday evening.

Work is really busy right now. Which is good - it's just sort of crazy.

Wow - was this the spectacular update you were waiting for or what?

Oh, one other thing - we had parent teacher conferences today and we got the kids report cards. They are both doing well. We're going to get Bubba back into speech therapy - he is getting hoarse again - so the polyps are probably back. Prissy got straight A+s. Not straight As, straight A+s... She hasn't missed a point since the beginning of the year. Which at this point is starting to piss me off a little. Prissy keeps saying she is bored in school - she's supposed to be GATE (Gifted and Talented), but it basically means she gets more math problems and a harder spelling list. We asked the teacher how we could challenge her more and she just didn't know. Which is disappointing.

Bubba's teacher on the other hand had many ideas to keep Bubba interested and excited. She's going to be sending home some advanced math for him (he loves math) and is already sending home some more challenging reading.

Anyway, I think I'm going to bed now.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry I wrote and think, "Wow, that was really funny!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "I don't remember writing that!!!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "OMG!!! I can't believe I wrote that and everyone can read it!!!"

So, I figured I would just go ahead and make this post;

My kids are really big into the Fred videos on YouTube... Odd....

Let me tell you the real story about my childrens - after one too many glasses of wine... My daughter is brilliantly smart. I have no question that she may be smarter than her teacher. She writes novels for fun. She does math problems from a 8th grade book she found. She reads faster than I can and just devours books. I am always constantly struggling on how to keep her moving forward - when I do not possess the potential of intellectual greatness that she does. I worry that she can't live up to her intellectual potential because her parents don't know what to provide her with. On the flip side, my daughter is a little bit nerdy - this I understand and I hope she doesn't fight it. She doesn't realize it yet, but when she does, I hope she embraces it - and realizes that SHE WILL COME OUT IN FRONT after she is a grown up...

My daughter is also brilliantly talented. She has amazing tenacity. Something that I do not possess. She is the freaking 2nd best baton twirler IN THE NATION!!! That's the USA - yo! AMERICA!!! 2nd best 9 year old IN THE FREAKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Wow... I cannot wrap my mind around that... However, she is also an amazing softball pitcher... She loves softball and is REALLY good at it. Hubby and I disagree what a REAL sport looks like. While right now - she is happy twirling and pitching. We know at some point she will need to make a choice on which one to pursue. How heartbreaking... How to choose between your loves? We (or others) are going to make her choose when she gets older. Are we really that horrible?

My son - is also brilliant. But onery. He's brilliant like his sister - but doesn't have the same persistance. He aces whatever he tries - but, only tries occasionally, and it is his whim on what he tries. He has a memory that completely eclipses my own. He can tell you how many stairs there are in the Eifel tower. But, cannot tell you where to put the apostrophe in "can't" because he was daydreaming during that lesson. My son knows how many fins are on a whale shark. And what shade of grey a humpback whale is. He is so smart, but only when he wants to be.

My son is also hilariously funny. He is so in tune with the people around him that he knows how and when to tell a joke. He is funny and loving and smart. My son is also a bit of a stalker. He watches out his window and can tell me when his BFF that lives across the street is at home or has gone away. This worries me.. I can just see him being the nagging, hanging, needy boyfriend.. I think I even dated a few of this type. I don't want him to be THAT guy.

My son is also gorgeous. He has amazingly blue eyes, dimples to die for and this blond blond hair. The girls are already vying for his attention. While this makes me happy - it is also worrisome - because he is very manipulative and can pretty much get whatever he wants with a few sweet words and a hug and a kiss.

My son achieved a black belt rank in Taekwondo - because we forced him too. He wanted to quit 3 months before he tested for his black belt. This is a kid that can do what he wants, but has to want to do it.

Anyway, I'm just rambling. I'm proud of my kids... They are so very different. They both came from my body - but are total opposites. I think I'll just go to bed...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Because

I wasn't actually planning on writing tonight - I had to type up several things for my son's class. I can't volunteer in the classroom (because I have to go to work) so I do volunteer work at night. I am the classroom typist. I get to type up the kids work - stories, poems, that sort of thing. It sometimes cracks me up and sometimes makes me sad. There is a child in my son's 2nd grade class that will be a writer - there is no doubt in my mind. This 7 year old has such an amazing imagination and a way of telling stories - her last story had to do with a king prosecuting jews and a poor beggar woman saving everyone. While the other kids stories had to do with family beach vacations and fun play dates with their friends. (or my son's story about a monster house causing death and destuction - YIKES!) There are also kids that seem really sad, like this child:

You can hear crying.
You can see a dird.
You can smell socks.
You can feel walls.
You can taste chocolate.

At least this poor kid had chocolate.

And then - here is my son's:
You can hear leaves crunching. (good - lots of kids said this)
You can see candy. (Candy? really? Not turkey, or leaves, or pumpkin pie?)
You can smell chocolate pie. (Hmmm... I haven't made chocolate pie in a long time - where are you smelling this?)
You can feel the candy in the bag. (after all you know about Bubba - you know he is a candy addict. It shows here.)
You can taste the candy. (and you wonder why he snuck all that candy up to his room?)

Anyway, I enjoy typing up the stories. I'm a fast typer - so it's fun. However, as I was proof reading one of the stories, I realized that I typed "crap" instead of "crab" at least three times. HAHAHA! Glad I found the typo.

My house is so quiet right now. Everyone is sleeping. This is unusual. Usually I beat my husband to bed - but he's been extremely tired the last few nights. He's out cold. So, I'm downstairs, in the dark, typing. Everyone else is sleeping peacefully upstairs. It's a little bit lonely and a lot soothing. Nothing is being requested of me. I don't have any "chores" left for this evening. It's just me... So, I decided that I had time to blog after getting my typing assignment done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cautiously Freaking out with Joy

I don't write about Retinitis Pigmentosa much in my blog. I've mentioned it a few times. Retinitis Pigmentosa has been a long time demon in my family. We have a form of RP that is X-linked and recessive - this means that it's passed on by the females to the males of the family.

My father has RP - he is totally blind. He started going blind in his 20s, but had night blindness when he was younger. My cousin has RP. My nephew has RP. I am a known carrier of RP. Please don't throw stones asking me why I had children - there is nothing that you can say to me that I haven't said to myself. My son has a 50/50 chance of having RP (I could pass on my mom's RP-free gene or my dad's gene). Since Bubba was born - I have been living with this dread that he may have RP. When he was little I was told to have him tested when he was about 10. Bubba is just about to turn 8.

Today, Prissy had an eye appointment and they had this really slick retinal scanner. They scanned her eyes and they were perfect. The eye doctor showed me pictures of a retina with RP - he showed me the early, medium and advanced stages. I asked him if he would scan Bubba's retinas.

He did...

At this point - Bubba's retinas are totally and completely healthy... This doesn't mean that he doesn't have RP. It could be there and start presenting itself when he is older. However, that is not the norm in our family. Our family has very early symptoms. The fact that Bubba has perfect retinas right now makes me want to sob in relief... I'm not a terribly emotional person - I don't cry. I honestly cannot remember the last time I cried. But, I have been so close to crying since I've heard this news. I'm feeling so much hope that he does not have RP. This is SUCH a good sign.

My baby may not go blind - that weight just became so much lighter.

So, I'm cautiously freaking out with joy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We got my 10 year old one of those little laptops for Christmas. It's a tiny thing - but it does everything she needs it to do - and it's just her size.

Anyway, she's been emailing me. I got an email while I was at work today and it just made my day. However, I have to be careful when I'm writing her while I'm at work. I tend to just sign my name Cindy. I have to actually get in the Mommy mode and sign it:

Love you, Mom

Not a sentiment that I use much at work. But, it makes my heart happy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raining Again

It's raining again. It's supposed to rain for the next several days. I'm having a very stressful work/life balance week.

Monday: I have to get my allergy shots sometime in the morning. Then, the kids have a minimum day (they get out at 12:20) and then Prissy has an appointment with her allergist (different than my allergist - damn insurance.) Then, we have to go to baton (but at least that's after work.)

Tuesday: Yay - I should actually be able to work all day. Bubba has baseball at 4:30 which hubby is taking him to. But, I'm sure it will be raining.

Wednesday: I'm already so stressed out about Wednesday it's keeping me up at night. I have to pick up my son and the boy across the street at 1:20. I'm attending a big-wig meeting from 11 to 12:30. It takes me about 45 - 50 mins to get home. If the meeting doesn't run over, I should be able to make it - BARELY! I'm the one "running" the meeting - projecting the presentations - etc. So, it's sort of important that I'm there. I'm totally freaked out. Totally.freaked.out... I'm sure it will be just fine. But, holy shit... Then, at 2:30 - I have to take Jade to the eye doctor. She doesn't get out until 2:20. While the place is close, it's not THAT close. She usually doesn't get home until 2:30. I'm writing her a note so she can leave 10 minutes early. YIKES!

Thursday: This day should be ok. I hope. I think. Maybe I should check the calendar.

Friday: Prissy has an award luncheon at 11:45. I'm thinking I'll just work from home. Otherwise, I'd have to drive in, only to leave at 10:45am. Doesn't make any sense. But, we'll see.

So - you see the fun of work/life balance? I thought it would be easier as the kids got older - but it's gotten nothing but more difficult.

Friday, February 20, 2009


My moods are directly linked to the weather. The past two weeks or so have been rainy and gloomy and gross. And so have I. The weather over the last few days has been perfect. Cool, sunny, slight breeze. And - so have I...

However, the weather today was so nice that I had trouble concentrating. I was just feeling happy and flitty and sunny and happy. Just like the weather...

This has ALWAYS been the case with me. When I lived in Kansas - the weather was COLD!!!! And so was I... Living in CA - it just gets rainy and gloomy and tired in the winter... Just like me... :D

But, the sun always peeks through, just when I need it to.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Prissy is now 10 years old - however, I think she might be 40 in a 10 year old's body. She is what many have dubbed her as an "old soul." Prissy has had glasses for several years now. And one of her friends recently got contacts. So, she has shown some interest. Yikes! She seems so young for contacts. However, I can see why they would ease so many things - like baton, and softball and soccer and just being. She wouldn't have glasses sliding down her face and getting in the way.

I got glasses when I was in the 4th grade. And I got contacts when I was in the 7th grade. They were the hard kind that were forever uncomfortable. I only wore them for a year or two. Then, I just decided not to wear my glasses except in class or at a muscial thing (needed my glasses to see the music.) I realized I really needed glasses when I drove. Then, it just became a pain to put them on and take them off all the time.

I tried contacts several more times as I got older. Allergies always got the best of me. I had laser surgery a few years ago - best.freaking.thing.ever... I even had to have one eye "retouched." I still cannot say enough positive things about it. Hubby had it too. I totally don't need glasses at all. I spent 20+ years with glasses and/or contacts. It's still strange to think of myself as not needing some sort of corrective lenses.

Anyway, Prissy is going to a new eye doctor next week. We'll ask about contacts. I think she is responsible enough to handle them. And if not - she'll just go back to glasses and we'll try again later. I'm excited about her new eye doctor - they have all sorts of neato technology. Her old eye doctor was fine - but it felt a bit like walking back into 1950s whenever we would have an appointment.

It's funny - this is the one area that I feel so intertwined with my daughter. This is something that we share. Glasses and Twilight - that's what a mother daughter relationship is built on. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wow - it's been so long since I've posted I was afraid I had forgotten my password (not really.)

I've just had nothing to post about. In my previous job - there was always something or someone that was always cracking me up. While I like my current job (a good boss makes all the difference) the same level of personal "intensity" isn't there.

So - my days are rather dull - and not much to post about.

My new favorite show is "Dead Like Me." I'm just now watching the first season and totally digging it. Hubby isn't as big of a fan, but for whatever reason it has sucked me in entirely. Also, I'm watching this season's Biggest Loser - which I just love. Last season they were all backstabby bitches (except for Michelle) - this season it's like love fest. Everyone is so nice. I don't want to see anyone go home. I'm totally digging the vibe - but, the venom does give it some excitement.

Also - I'm really addicted to Virtual Villagers 3. Such a stupid MSN game that I can't seem to stop playing. I was finally able to figure out how to fish - so now I have lots of food.

See - what did I tell you? Exciting or what?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moldy foods?

Wow - I have not been great on posting. I need to fix that. Without my blog365 I have been rather bad at posting.

Anyway - remember my weird allergic reaction back in December? I thought it was the crab I ate (I typed crap by accident. haha.) Anyway, I have had a LOT of allergy testing in the last few weeks and it turns out that I'm mildly allergic to corn and brewers yeast. But, no food that would cause an allergic reaction.

However, I'm VERY.MUCH.BADLY.TERRIBLY allergic to mold. Mold? Isn't everyone allergic to mold? I guess the answer to that is no. I was told that mold allergies are worse when it's raining and worse at night. It's always been the joke that I'm allergic to the moon. However, it turns out that it's almost true.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of moldy foods. And I was told to avoid them. I was given a list.

Here is just a snippet of list:

  • cheese
  • beer
  • wine
  • yeasty breads
  • anything with vinegar (catsup, mustard, mayo, salad dressings) You'd actually be surprised at how much food has vinegar in it. Specifically condiments!
  • soy sauce
  • Sausage and hot dogs
  • mushrooms
  • sour cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese
  • anything pickled
  • meats and fish over 24 hours old (I think this means thawed over 24 hours?)

Anyway, the doc things that because it was raining, I had a lot of soy sauce, rolls with mayo, and likely old crab - and a lot of it, that it just pushed me over my threshold of mold acceptance. Ok... Well, I suppose that is some sort of explanation.


The issue is - I love almost all of the foods in that list. I'm not sure if I can remove all of that from my diet. No cheese? I live on cheese.

Alright - so, while I haven't been perfect, I have cut back the "moldy" foods significantly. I have almost elminated cheese. And oddly enough - I have not had any symptoms of a chronic issue that I have. I have taken all sorts of medications to try to combat it - and it was the removal of cheese that has helped. It's only been a few days - so we'll see how things are in a few weeks. But, still...

Oh yeah, and I have to get allergy shots.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Wow -

Has it really been since Thursday since I've updated? Gross. Well, I'm not feeling super - I have a nasty infection. Got antibiotics for it today. Hopefully I will be feeling LOTS better by tomorrow.

Things here are trucking along - our front yard looks exactly the same as is it does in that picture - which really actually pisses me off. They pushed us and rushed us and prodded us to get going immediately. They said it would take a week. That picture in my previous was taken 1 week after they started.

Ok, granted - it rained on Friday. I get that. But, the contractor said they would work on Saturday - when it wasn't raining. They didn't. And today was a beautiful sunny day - and they didn't work. Tomorrow is planned to be sunny too. However - the real rains start on Wednesday - and don't look like they are going to stop for awhile. So, instead of working today and tomorrow to get the concrete set - we will likely be living with this muddy crap of a front yard for the next several weeks.

Wow - I'm crankier than I thought. I'm just going to go read my blogs and go to bed. Hopefully my antibiotics will kick in and I'll be feeling better by tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Front Yard Today

This was what my front yard looked like today... Pretty no?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tomorrow I'm going to use the words epic and ferocious. If I remember.

Tonight at the dinner table -

Me: Bubba you need a cup for baseball this year, they won't let you catch one without one.

Prissy (singing to the tune of "Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins): "Just a cup full of sugar makes the medicine go down!!!"

Family staring at Prissy like she is nuts... (pun intended)

Bubba: "Prissy - a cup goes on a boy's privates so it doesn't get hurt!"

Family: cracks up into hysterics.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mommy Needs a Pill

I saw this on another blog today and just thought that they were hilarious. So, I thought that I would post it here - enjoy.

Monday, February 2, 2009


It's already 10pm... I should go to bed.... I'm feeling rather bleh... I hope that I'm not coming down with something. I've been relatively healthy (minus the allergy issues) for quite a while. But, I just feel run down, for no particular reason. So, I'm guessing that my body is gearing up for a cold of some sort. But, I could be wrong.

I suppose I should do a book update.

I read Wally Lamb's most recent book, "The Hour I First Believed." It was a good book (not as good as his other ones, in my opinion.) But it felt like there were 3 separate books trapped in there. It didn't feel at all tied in at the end. But, it was still a good read - dark, like all of his books.

I've also recently read Traveling Light by Katrina Kittle. It is about a woman who goes and helps her brother who is dying of AIDS. I very much enjoyed the characters in this book. It got a bit "preachy" at times. But, the characters were real and I feel like I could be friends with them. At one part of the book, I teared up (which is totally and completely weird for me.) However, if you are at all homophobic - this book is not for you. Or maybe it is - I don't know.

I've recently read a couple of James Patterson's books - 1st to Die and 2nd Chance. These are fluffy mysteries. Good for mind numbing relaxation.

Currently I'm reading Driving Sideways by Jess Riley and I'm liking it so far. It's about a woman who had a kidney transplant and has decided to go on a road trip. Sounds boring - but I'm about halfway through and really enjoying it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grossly Busy

I haven't posted in a few days. Whew! Longest break in a long time.

Friday, Prissy and I headed to San Jose - she had a baton competition on Saturday and we went up a day early. I have been reunited with a high school friend on facebook (I'm really enjoying facebook - never thought that I'd be one of "THOSE" people.) Anyway, she lives in the East Bay and lives just a few miles from the hotel we stayed in. So, my friend (who shares the same first name as me), her husband and her two adorable little girls came and had dinner with Prissy and I. It was really wonderful to see her and to catch up a little bit. I hope we can get together again soon.

Saturday was my birthday and Prissy's baton competition. Prissy did very well and twirled wonderfully. But, it was a very long day - and it was a long drive home. After we got home, we went out to eat and then came home and opened presents. My family spoiled me like always. It was really nice.

I got to sleep in today, which was needed. Well, I got to sleep in until the pharmacy called me and said that they were going to send back my perscription because it had been a week since I had ordered it. It was ironic, because I didn't order it, I just gave them the little sheet and asked them to put it in their computer so I could call it in when we needed it. But, they filled it anyway - and then called and woke me up on my one sleep in day. Nice... But, I suppose it was nice that they called before reshelving the medication.

Anyway, I'm still feeling tired. We watched the Superbowl. Well, Hubby watched the superbowl, I watched the commercials. Bubba played on the computer and Prissy played on my iPhone. I read in-between commercials.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not a Lot to Say

I guess I really don't have a whole lot to say tonight. I know - how strange for me. I also don't have any pictures. Well, I do. I love LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of pictures. We got Prissy a nice camera for her birthday and the child takes some of the most awesome pictures. But, I haven't really had time to even download the pictures.

We've just been really busy. Hubby had softball draft last night. He was in charge of the whole shabang. He had to get all player rankings ready and the coaches for the teams and all the "stuff" that goes along with it.

I have been busy preparing forms and letters to the school district asking for use of the facilities. So - we've been doing lots of parent sports stuff.


I have my food allergy test tomorrow. I'm a little worried about it. They also took me off of my super awesome inhaler for the past week, and I've been slightly wheezy for days. I'm such a dork.


Prissy has a baton tournament this weekend. We will drive down on Friday night and stay in a hotel. Her tournament is on Saturday which also happens to be my birthday. The only bummer of it being my birthday is that we have to get up so early. I'm not the brightest person in the morning.

I need to go catch up on my google reader - I had almost 200 unread blogs. YIKES!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Do It!

My daughter is on a baton twirling team. This team has the "Big" girls and the "Little" girls. The team was started by the mother's of the Big girls - and there is a full parent run board. I have been Vice President for the last two years. Unfortunately, all of the Big girls are graduating this year. And there aren't many Little girls. And because of Prissy's "potential" and love of the sport - I have been tagged as taking over the president of the board next year when all the big girl parents leave next year. This has been stressing me out for quite some time.

There are a couple of problems: There aren't many Little girls. And it's about an hour away from our house. So, it's not like we can really recruit anyone. No one but crazy me wants to drive all that way (it's close to my work and the kids old school.)

So, I was thinking about how to increase membership. And I thought it would be cool to have a baton twirling camp. We could send out fliers to all the kids (through the schools) - and we could have a baton twirling camp that meets for 1 hour for 4 weeks. The kids would learn basic twirling skills and a routine. They would perform their routine at the end of their last week. Then, the Little Girls and Big Girls would perform their routines and the girls that had solos and pairs would perform so the campers could see what being on our team would be like and what a competitive team looks like. Then, we would let them know that we were starting a begining team in the Fall and here is all the information - and we would love for them to join. And I'm going to do it where I live. I'm making a potentially team killing decision to move it to my city so I can actually grow the team.

I know I'm getting myself in really deep - but, I'm feeling quite confident and SO FREAKING EXCITED! I'm just going to do it - I'm going to put on a baton twirling camp to increase membership in our competitive twirling team. So there!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bike Ride

Today my son and I went on a bike ride. It was gorgeous out - low 60s and cool. I haven't ridden my bike in YEARS. So, we pumped up the tires, and I was going to wear Bubba's old helmet that was too small for him - but I found mine - buried with my bike.

The thing was covered in dust. But, the chain looked well oiled.

We were just going to ride around the block, but we were having so much fun that we just kept going. We weren't out long, but we had a really nice time just peddling around.

Long line

I'm standing in line at walmart. Figured it was long enough that I
could write a blog entry.

The place is packed. I guess everyone realizes how cheap it is now -
especially given the crappy state of the economy.

Rightnow I'm listening to a toddler throw a major fit while an entire
loud large family is invading my personal space.

Only two people left in front of me now. I'm gonna try not to have a
panic attack.

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