Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today I am...

(I totally stole this from badger...)

...reading Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care - I love Jodi Picoult, but I'm halfway through this book and it's just ticking me off. I'll keep reading though - until I can't... :)

...setting up shared calendar's so hubby and I can use the same calendar which is accessible through our iPhones... ROCKIN!!!! I have a baton team calendar, a personal calendar (which updates with my work stuff) and a new family calendar! Hubby and I update our "stuff" - baton, taekwondo, Bubba's soccer practice, haircuts, softball board events, etc.. Dudes - this is just really neat... I think we have finally found a way to keep in sync so we can stay organized!

...grilling peppercorn tenderloin, rice a roni, and a bunch of roasted veggies on the grill... OMG! I love grilled roasted veggies! It was a meal to die for! (and yes, I did make the rice-a-roni on the grill - so THERE!)

...getting my toes done because they look like CRAP! And if I want to wear sandals my toes can't be all skanky-like! And duh! It's summer, I don't wear anything BUT sandals!! The people at my normal nail place were all, "WTF - where have you been?!!??" I should have felt guilty but I didn't.. My last pedicures were in AZ with Prissy at Nationals, with one of my BFFs to "catch up" and in the Bay Area while Prissy was at Baton Camp... So - it's actually been several months since I've been to my regular place. And, I have to say - my regular place is still the best. HOLY SMOKES!!! BEST FOOT MASSAGE EVAH!!! (Crystal Nails 2 - Rocklin, CA - seriously, the best around.. and not so expensive!)

...sleeping in, because I'm seriously not a morning person and I haven't slept in for a LOOOOONG time... I'm dreading waking up early tomorrow...

...getting baton team stuff setup so we're ready for the '09-'10 season to start!

...cuddling with my son while watching Big Brother... (probably one of my favorite things of today)

...going to Safeway and buying groceries... Bubba came - he was really good and we got Starbucks... But, it was still going to the store, which is just a chore. I felt minorly guiltly because I should have gone to Walmart first - but I had a lot of fresh fruit, veggies and meat that I needed. Not the best thing to buy at Walmart and I just didn't feel like spending the day grocery shopping..

...writing a blog and while it seems like I've been totally busy today, I've really accomplished nada....

...dang - my life is so dull... SEE why I haven't been updating my blog? *smile*

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