Friday, January 1, 2010


I have made a decision to not do my picture posts to this blog. In approximately 24 hours - you should be able to follow my hecticmom pics at

I have made a decision to stop blogging on this blog until further notice.


A Picture A Day - 2010

I wonder if I can do this? I got a camera for Christmas. I wonder if I can post a picture every day of the year. Definately NOT a resolution - but maybe something fun to try to keep me going. At this point - these are not Photoshopped - but all pictures are taken with a Canon G11 (oh, how I'm spoiled!)

1/365 "Oh - maybe you should have brushed your teeth!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Time Flies

Things are slow at work = longest day EVAH! But, online Christmas shopping is complete and facebook statuses are hilarious.

Things are slow at work but there are fun people to work with = day goes by and happy

Things are busy at work = day goes by quickly

Things are busy at work and there are fun people to work with = IDEAL WORK CONDITIONS! The day goes by quickly and things are joyous.

Things are UBER busy = Feels like each day is 3 because of so much work needing to be done that goes well into the night. The work required to be accomplished in one week should be spread out over multiple weeks. So, time goes by slowly - because each day feels like three.

Things are UBER busy and there are fun people to work with = DISMAL WORK CONDITIONS! You have so much work to do you don' t have time to pee. You know there are fun people to talk to, but you don't have time to even get coffee with them. They start to forget your name and classify you in the cube-monkey category. Finally they just move out and you are left with the other overloaded UBER busy cube-monkeys... You realize that no one even speaks English anymore. The guy across the hall speaks in firmware, the guy next to you speaks in bios, the guy down the hall grunts RTL, and me? ME? I speak in excel... I actually said today, "Yes, let me pivot that for you."

Guess which category my work has fallen in the past few weeks.

In the words of our VP - we have to get all of this done before he turns into a pumpkin in two weeks. (wha???)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back At It

Tomorrow - I head back to work. But, I get to work from home. Last week was so busy that I have been avoiding my work laptop all weekend.

Yesterday, we had our final weigh-in for my body-fit challenge at the gym. I only lost 10 pounds (over 8 weeks - it's a healthy loss of 1-2 pounds a week - INCLUDING Thanksgiving.) One of the guys in my class lost 26 - which is very impressive. However, he was much bigger than me and it ends up I had a higher percentage weight-loss than he did. SO I ENDED UP having the biggest weight-loss from my class. I don't know if I won the whole thing or not yet. And I'm not even sure if there is anything TO win. But - woohoo!

Speaking of weight-loss - hubby is making brownies right now and they smell wonderful.

We got our outside lights up yesterday and our inside decorated today. Yay!

Christmas shopping has begun. I don't know what I did before Amazon - I pay for my Prime membership during Christmas. I did find out that the gift I got my mom from Macy's was delivered. Only not to me. And to someone in Florida (I live in California) - who signed for it. I think someone got a nice Christmas gift from me and it wasn't my mom. ARGH! Macy's has been strenously avoiding me. I'll give them until tomorrow to reply.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Not Pleasant

Oh man people -

This week has not been pleasant. I have gone from absolutely NOTHING to do at work (for a single morning) to being so busy that I just can't get it all done. I would much rather be busy. But, I don't like being so busy that I have to work at night and I don't have time for lunch. That is not pleasant.

This weekend should be exciting. Tomorrow I go into my final weigh in for my body fit challege. I have absolutely no expectations that I have won - however, I have lost quite a bit of weight and I have gone down 4 belt loops. that's not too bad for 2 months. I'm going to continue to work with my trainer one on one. She's really nice - if not a bit brutal. And I have seriously seen results from her tortuous methods. (wall sits - OMG... push ups... Holy crap... THE LONGEST PLANKS IN EXISTANCE!!!) But, that stuff works...

I also realized today that I'm definately a stress eater. Work has been I.N.S.A.N.E. the past two days - and today I was craving a double cheeseburger from Wendy's with large fries something fierce! I ended up grabbing a chili from the drive through to take it back to work to eat and work... I haven't really wanted a cheeseburger for the past 8 weeks - so I know that I must get some sort of comfort from food.

Ok - weird topic.

I'm hoping next week will be calmer at work. I sort of doubt it though. I think next week will be crazy work AND crazy personal life (holiday band concert, christmas card writing, baton competition, etc, etc, etc.)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OH NOEZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

My iphone - my beloved beloved iphone does not sync with my new computer... OH NOEZZZZZZ......

With my particular OS (Windows 7 64 bit- NOT beta) and my particular iphone software version - 3.1.2 it will not sync. And it's common... And Apple does not admit there is a problem and we should by a Mac, and Microsoft says to f-off because they don't care. Intel is actually "looking into it." Ummmm - I don't believe that for a moment...

IT ERASED ALL THE MUSIC AND AUDIO BOOKS I PREVIOUSLY HAD ON MY IPHONE... I DON'T THINK YOU ALL UNDERSTAND THE HELL I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW... I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY IPHONE AND IT JUST DIED ON ME.... The only way I'm still able to drive into work is because I have satalite radio and I can listen to the comedy channel..... OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!

I don't even have bejeweled blitz on it anymore... *SOB*

I'm trying one more thing - restoring the original settings - but all the iphone forums basically say that I'm screwed.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I should metion here - I hate Tuesdays. Most people hate Mondays. Me? No, I hate Tuesdays. Monday's are actually ok. I get to work from home. Coffee pot is just steps away. It's quiet. I can listen to my music without headphones. Nice.

Tuesdays - suck... They always suck. I get into the office and things are always busy - I can never actually get anything done. I also have to sneak out at 3pm so I can get Prissy to baton by 4 because she helps the coach teach the little girls.

Then, we don't get home until about 8pm. I do not like...

I overslept this morning. My alarm got into a funky mode and was set to go off on Sat/Sun... That's not helpful with it being TUESDAY and all. I was 35 mins late for my training session this morning. YES - SUCKITUDE!

But, I did get to have coffee with a friend who always makes me laugh - so there is that...