Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sucky Blogger

I am a sucky blogger. I blog for 365 days straight - and then totally give up? Yes, yes I suck.


Well, I have realized that I have nothing interesting to say. Especially lately. My job is good. My boss is super. I am happy. My kids are good. My husband is the same as always. I just have nothing... Also - my online life has been sucked into facebook.

So, why check in now? I've gotten a couple of comments wondering where I am and if I'm ok. Yes - I'm great. Thank you all so much for asking.

But facebook - it is my newest addiction. I love it. I spend so much time there. I love mafia wars, and farm town and bejeweled blitz. I can't seem to draw myself away. I'm sorry. For those bloggers out there - I still read your blogs and I still love your blogs.

Ok - so sad - see - I've got nothing, nada.... Zilch!