Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day

Well - today is officially the last day of blogging every day of November. I think I missed a few days. Oh well, it got me back in the habit. I think that I'll keep going.

Today was rather boring - I went back to work, I was busy. Bubba went to Taekwondo. I got my allergy shots and picked up out family Christmas photos.... Oh... exciting...

I have to get up super early for my training session. Next week begins me working out 1:1 with my trainer... Yikes... The last time I tried that I got fired... It wasn't pleasant. However this trainer is so much of a better fit for me.

Ok - I'm done... wrapping up now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back To Work

I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm not at all excited about it. The only good thing is that I only have to work for 3 weeks before I get some time off for Christmas. Fortunately or unfortunately - things at work get EXTREMELY busy in the first couple of weeks of December. Projects that are due by the end of the year are kicked into high gear. Budgets wrap up - and end of the year close happens. This is where I come in - spending the remaining budgets, getting ready for the 2010 budgets and finalizing plans. And everyone is paniced becaused they want to get it done before they go on vacation.

Anyway - I like being busy - it makes the day go by faster. But, it's also busy in my personal life. Christmas shopping, decorating, kids holiday shows, baton competition season starts, parties, etc, etc, etc.. I have to major doctor things I need to get taken care of in the next few weeks (gotta get them in before my insurance deductible resets in 2010. It's just difficult with all this H1N1 stuff to get in to actually see the doctor.) I need to get two facial moles removed and I need to get my knee fixed. My two moles have always been "beauty marks" but, now they are just getting really big and they are more like scary witches moles on the face. It's time for them to be removed.

That's all... I'd like to get up early and go to the gym tomorrow... We'll see how that works out.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today Prissy had a baton clinic in the bay area (that's Northern Cali - San Francisco Area for all of those that don't actually LIVE in CA.) Anyway - it was a clinic where great coaches were brought in and a few select girls were chosen to come and they got to work on new skills and a few team routines. Then, got to work on their individual routines.

I'm just so proud of Prissy - she just keeps working. I can't tell you how hard she works and tries and puts effort into the day... Yes, I think that Prissy walks on water with baton (I'm not a twirler - so I think she's pretty spectacular..) But, it's not that - it's the fact that she makes friends with all the other girls, that she pushes herself (this mama don't push - this mama says, "you look tired honey, you wanna go home?") She keeps working.... I think she has this ideal in her head and she's gonna achieve it damnit!

Often times, I have to make her quit practicing. She is often saying, "I want to catch just ONE... fill in the blank..." Today, she was about ready to call it quits when the world champion two baton twirler (really - world champion - seriously - if it was in the olympics - he would have won..) wanted to work with her on her two baton routine. She was tired, her legs and arms were sore - but she couldn't pass up working with him. He completely changed her routine (added in some seriously cool tricks - and made her routine a stretch for her...) Then, she wanted to practice it. After she had the routine down - she said she wanted to go through it 3 more times.. I knew she was pretty tired after twirling all day - two baton is seriously strenuous - I almost considered telling her no... But, she wanted to do it... And she did... And she rocked it...

It's hard to explain - I'm proud of her because she has a tenacity that I simply do not posess. I'm proud of her because she pushes through exhaustion when I would have given up long ago... I'm proud of her for being so damn sweet to the other kids and realizing that a clinic is a great time to make friends when I would have been scoping out the competition. I'm proud of her for not giving up when given something beyond her skill set (she was by far the youngest kid there)... I think I would have gotten frustrated and quit... Even at her age - she's so much better than me. And that's really what we want isn't it?

She's an amazing young woman... And it almost hurts my heart. I wrote - she's an amazing little girl- and she's not a little girl anymore.. She really is a young woman.

And a young woman that I'm so incredibly proud of.

Friday, November 27, 2009

kicked it today

I had all sorts of plans to go to Target, and get my toes done, go exercise, take Prissy to practice baton... But, I only got a bit of it done today. Which was fine. I felt busy - but really I don't think I did much. I went to the gym where Prissy got to practice her baton (in preparation of the clinic she is attending tomorrow.) Then, I took her home, went back to the gym and worked out on the eliptical. It actually felt pretty good.

I'm going to my guitar lesson in just a little bit. The weather is yucky right now - it's rainy and cold. Typical Northern Cali weather. I haven't practiced much this week - so I hope he's not terribly disappointed.

Not much else to blog about - just kicking it. Tomorrow, I have to take Prissy to the Bay Area for her baton clinic. It's an all day affair. There are some world class instructors coming to help a few select twirlers - should be a good experience for Prissy. I'm not looking forward to the drive though - especially if it keeps raining.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble!

For everyone in the US I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We had a nice day with lots and lots of food.

I'm still full and content and sleepy.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


  • I should be in bed already - I have to wake up early and go work out with my trainer and then make our Thanksgiving Feast.
  • I should be practicing my guitar instead of playing on the computer.
  • I should have cleaned my house instead of watching Biggest Loser all night.
  • I should have gotten my lazy ass on the treadmill tonight.
  • I should have had more of a heart to heart with my son this morning when he was throwing what I felt was an unreasonable fit.
  • I should have chosen to have oranges instead of my husbands pumpkin pie tonight (although - it was diet pie and really not terribly bad..)
  • I should be done with my Christmas shopping like 99% of everyone - instead I haven't even started.

I have a lot of should haves... But, really, I don't care tonight... As I type the above words - the only one that truly concerns me is not sitting down with Bubba trying to figure out what the heck is going on with him. He has been freaking out the last few days - screaming, crying, throwing things - but it lasts for like 3 mins and it's totally over. It's like he's a hormonal pre-teen girl... Earlier, I was thinking he has just been tired - but he's been going to bed at a normal time and sleeping in (as late as he ever does.) But, now as I sit here at 11pm - I realize that something has to be going on... I'm not sure what it is... I know that his rage is very directly pointed at his dad and his sister... But, I don't really understand why yet. I think I should probably get to the bottom of it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation isn't going as planned

My vacation isn't really going as planned. Yesterday I had to work. I'm not sure that my day off really constitutes a vacation if I had to work... Not quite sure about this new group.

And today - I spent my morning at the DMV. I had to get my license renewed (holy crap - that means I've been in this state for a LONG time if I had to renew at DMV.) I also had to do some stuff with my car title due to my car loan.

Bubba has been attending this baseball camp in the mornings this week. It's pretty cool actually. There are professional baseball players there giving them instructions and this week is focused on hitting and pitching. He is really learning a lot. He is quite the little baseball player. I'm still waiting for him to find his passion though.

And I find that ironic, since I'm not absolutely positive that I myself have found my "passion." Maybe playing bejeweled? ahhaah...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stupid Knee

Ok -

I think I posted (a long time ago) about my stupid knee.

Every time I try to get fit and exercise - my knee starts giving me problems. Well - in this last go-round, my knee has started to give me problems.

So - after 4 weeks of trying - I finally get into the doctor and she sends me to x-rays and tells me I have to go to a orthopedic doctor. Here we go again... *sigh*

I worked today... Even though I was on vacation...

Bubba went to baseball camp today... He really liked it...

I made chocolate chip cookies - and blew my diet (after 8 weeks of not cheating AT ALL). .. I was craving chocolate something fierce... They are SO DANG GOOD....

Now my stomach hurts. Bleh...

I have to go to the DMV tomorrow... Double Bleh...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cool Age!

My daughter is finally old enough to see "some" chick flicks with me. Tonight we went and saw New Moon together. That is just so cool. She and I have both read all of the books and we have also listened to them together as well. So, it was only fitting that we went and saw New Moon together. (We didn't see Twilight together - she hadn't started reading them yet.

Anyway, it was nice to go out together for some "girl" time. It's super cool to have a daughter.

I'm still a bit perturbed that I have to work tomorrow on my vacation day. Doesn't seem like much of a vacation. But, I guess that just gives me another day I can use later.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Saturday

I was planning on sleeping in this morning - but alas - it didn't happen. We got a call at way-to-early-o'thirty from the parent of my son's friend wanting to know when Bubba's soccer game was - so they could come (as a side note - this parent used to coach this team.) But, the game wasn't until 1pm - so getting woken up sort of sucked.

Also - my vacation for Monday was cancelled. The big VP wants to meet with me and some other people. I knew that this was coming. I was just really looking forward to sleeping in... It doesn't look like I'll get to sleep in on Monday either.

On a positive note - today was Bubba's last soccer game of the season. Would it make me a bad mom to say that I'm SO FREAKING GLAD THE SEASON IS OVER?!!!???!!??!?!?!??!!!? It wasn't even a huge time commitment - I'm just glad it's done with.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bullet Friday

I'm not even sure what to write about... So - you get bullets...

  • Today was SUPPOSED to be my last day of work before vacation.
  • I think I will need to work some while I'm on vacation.
  • A bunch of stuff "came up" these last two days that need IMMEDIATE ATTENTION FROM HECTICMOM.
  • Whatever - I get paid well and I can do the work from home.
  • Today was our annual turkey bowl at work. We throw a frozen turkey carcass down a hallway over a Pammed slip and slide towards bowling pins. If we get a strike we get a starbucks gift certificate.
  • I got a strike! and a gift certificate!
  • The Turkey Bowl idea was stolen from my previous group that goes bowling with actual bowling balls and pins and everyone gets a turkey.
  • I like bowling with an actual turkey better - and everyone still gets a turkey.
  • Bubba didn't get in trouble today.
  • I got a new song at my guitar lesson - I'm going to play Silent Night.
  • Not sure how I feel about that.
  • I need to change the strings on my guitar.
  • I got my mom's and MILs Christmas presents ordered today.
  • I was supposed to go to New Moon with friends from work today - but I got pulled into actual work and was unable to go.
  • I have been in my current job and current role for 1 year.
  • I only worked for 6 months at my last "company" and it felt like a life sentence.
  • This past year has gone by quickly.
  • I'm finally feeling like I'm somewhat competent in my job.
  • I'm feeling jealous of all those that went to New Moon.
  • including our babysitter.
  • and my sister.
  • whatever.
  • I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
  • I'm typing this on our new computer.
  • It's acting up for me - but it's still better than our old computer.
  • I love the TV show Glee.
  • And Modern Family.
  • Actually Modern Family is probably the funniest show in TV right now.
  • That's all - I think I'm going to bed early tonight.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never Ending

Today started out incredible - I went to my training and I was down THREE pounds from last week. I went to work and one of my co-workers said, "Have you lost weight?" By the way - those are always the right words to say to a woman - unless she has gained a bunch of weight.

Anyway, I was feeling happy and gleeful.

Until I read my email - several issues have arisen today which just may impact my vacation. There are some signficant changes and issues which will cause me to have A LOT OF WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY. So, I may not get to fully enjoy my vacation. Ugh...

Then - we found out during our parent teacher conference that Bubba got another citation (one more in the next 3 months and he is suspended... OMG...) Apparently he was making inappropriate gestures with his shadow (he held his finger between his legs so it looked like his penis was sticking out...) Ok, whatever. But, I guess a few 8 year old girls were offended and asked him to stop and he didn't...

Bad choice... It was rude, crude and socially unacceptable... But, come on? Seriously? He had to go to the principal because of a shadow? Now - hitting a kid - I TOTALLY get the trip to the principal. Making a crude shadow? That seems rude - but pretty normal 8 year old boy behavior... Doesn't it? Am I just too lax about this? Are they maybe watching him a little too closely waiting for him to screw up again?

I think there might be two parenting extremes here - one that jumps all over their kid and punishes the crap out of them (I think I tend to lean this way).. And then the parent that jumps all over the school administration making excuses for their kids... I'm not planning on talking to anyone about this - but this one? I'm not so concerned... We talked to him - he felt bad... We talked about doing things that make him feel good about his actions and that would make me and his dad proud and that making penis shadows wasn't really an action that we were really proud of.. But, we didn't add on to his punishment... But, is he too curious?

This parenting stuff is HARD... I have no idea if this is totally screwed up behavior or not...

On the other hand - we met with Prissy's teacher and she said she loved Prissy and wanted a classroom full of her. The only concern was that she was a bit of a perfectionist... And to watch it so she didn't get so stressed out.

I swear to Gawd that I'm Marge Simpson - Bubba is Bart and Prissy is Lisa... Maybe I'll change their names on this blog... :D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Trouble Today

Today - yes mark it down - TODAY my son didn't get in trouble... I know.... Awesome Right?... He was actually really really sweet. We cuddled on the couch and watched Total Drama Island (cartoon reality show and pretty funny) and Biggest Loser... It was nice. I need to enjoy days like these - because I seriously doubt my teenage son will want to cuddle with me while watching real or fake reality TV... (haha - get it? fake reality TV?)

He didn't do his reading homework while his babysitter was here - but he did it later... So, that's not all bad.

I get up before the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow... It's my LAST day of my group physical training. I've lost a total of 15 pounds. And my regular pants fit (as opposed to my fat or skinny pants - I only have one pair of skinny pants remaining in my closet... I got rid of most of them because they are out of style because it's been SO FREAKING LONG SINCE I'VE BEEN ABLE TO WEAR SKINNY PANTS)... My fat pants are falling off of me... So - that's something...

I'm rambling... I better wrap up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Park and Selfishness...

A few months ago - the park across the street from our house was burned down. The local belief is that a bunch of teenagers did it - they stuffed newspapers into the crawling tube and caught it on fire - burned the sucker to the ground. There are two parts of the park - the "big kids" park and the "baby" park. The baby park is what was destroyed - as were all the trees.

It was pretty scary - it happened in the middle of the night, burning leaves were flying through the air. The elementary school is right next to the park and there are several houses that surround the park - ours is across the street, but several others are "attached" to the park by their backyards. They were all outside with hoses trying to spray their trees, yards, and houses down so they wouldn't catch fire if a burning leaf came sailing into their yard (it was right during the hottest and driest part of the summer.)

This was really bad. They didn't catch the kids that did it (but, we all can pretty much guess who they are - our town isn't that big.)

Ok - that leads us to today...

The school newspaper came out and there is an article about the arson and there are quite a few comments from my son's class. Most of them say they are sad that the babies won't have a place to play and that the people that did it should go to jail.


"I think the people who burned the baby park down are so mean and aggressive."
"I feel sorry for the little kids. I mean where are they supposed to go without getting hurt?"
"I feel very, very upset because they burned down the little kid's playground. I think they should get a spanking in public and say sorry."

There are many quotes like this. Being mad at the people who did it and being sad for the babies.

Here is my son's quote:

"I feel really, really mad and sad. Now I can't play football. I can't go backwards on the slide. I can't talk back and forth with the speakers."


This is the only comment that says something selfish.

I think we may be getting closer to the root of all self. (keep your kids community activities coming! I'd LOVE to have something to help others that may not be as fortunate as we are.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Uninteresting Posts

We went to a party last night at my dear friends house. I have 2 really good women friends. I think I mentioned that earlier last week. One of them asked my entire family over to celebrate her husband's 40th birthday. We gladly agreed - we love spending time with them and we know it's a peanut/nut free house (we met through our kids being at the same school and her son also has a nut allergy.) The kids all get along and Hubby and her hubby get along well too. It is unusual for us to be friends with both sides of the couple and the kids too.

Anyway - Bubba... Again... Bubba broke down their master bedroom door. He said it was an accident... But, come on - he had to have been running full force into that door with his shoulder. Broke the sucker right in two... OH.MY.GAWD..... I have never been so mortified... They invite us over to their house and my son DESTROYS their house.

It's been a bad week for the boy child this week...

So - tacked on now - he has to pay for the door. And he is going to do community service - and earn money for working. I think we'll start with him picking up trash in the park. Then, maybe sweeping out the dugouts at the city softball and baseball fields.. He will earn $5 an hour (from us) to do this work that will go towards the cost of the door.

I'd like to have have him do some other types of community service - any suggestions? I want him to understand that he has SO much... And to maybe learn a little gratitude and respect for his and other people's things.

It's been a bad week for the boy child... I'm not feeling terribly proud of his actions this week.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not So Happy With the Boy

Nope -

I'm not so happy with the boy child today. The principal called. Yup - it was about Bubba. I guess that he shoved one of his friends hard enough so his friend fell down. I guess someone said they could hit harder than Bubba and Bubba had to prove him wrong. Oh crap....

So - this is the second time the principal has called this year. The first time was when Bubba grabbed a girls butt.


Ok - butt grabbing. not really ok, but not horrible. But, shoving a kid to the ground - that one is a big one. He's in some serious trouble.

To be completely selfish - it is just SO DAMN humiliating to have the principal call because your kid is bad. Makes me feel about 2 inches high.

I so don't want him to turn into a horrible teenager. And, I know a lot of what he does is relatively "normal" behavior - not ok - but in the scheme of things "normal." And what is crossing the line. Do we take him to a therapist? Or, is shoving his friends, playing grab ass and hoarding candy normal and expected? Prissy would NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS intentionally break a rule. So - this is all very new.

And I'm at a loss (we did take away xbox and having friends over for 2 weeks. He has to go back to Taekwondo and get his room decluttered (hopefully instilling a little discipline) and has to be in bed 15 mins earlier. (to ensure sleep isn't an issue.)) It seems a little extreme - but he keeps making the wrong choices. He knows it's not ok to hit.

Any advice is always appreciated.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy Early

I have to get up crazy early tomorrow morning (it's my physical training day), so this is going to be short.

- Work shouldn't be busy right now - but it is. And it's irritating.
- The babysitter is working out great.
- I'm tired and could really use a break.
- I hate exercising.
- I know I NEED to exercise.
- But I hate it.
- Even though I feel great afterward.
- I still hate it.
- I exercised tonight.
- Because I'm so tired of being overweight.
- And because I want my cute little figure back.
- The food part hasn't been nearly as hard this time.
- I have no idea why - it's been 5 weeks and so far so good.
- But exercising sucks.
- I'd rather practice my guitar.
- and play bejeweled blitz on facebook.
- and drink wine.
- Unfortunately, all this exercise and good eating are not translating to Many Pounds off.
- But, I have gone down 3 belt holes.
- And my sweaters fit again. (you know it's bad if the sweaters are too small.)
- I'm not dreading my training class tomorrow.
- But, I am dreading work.
- So many tedious things that I need to do.
- and no fun things in my near future.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girlfriends Make the World Go Round

I don't have a lot of women friends - and even fewer straight women friends. Due to my degree and career - I tend to be around men most of the time. And mostly techy nerdy men. And many from different countries. However, most of my work friends are men (not all, but definitely the majority.)

But, I do have two very close women friends. Unfortunately, we don't get to interact in person very often. During my CRA-ZAY-ZEE work project in the months of August, September and part of October I barely had time for my kids let alone friends.

But today - the stars must have aligned and I got to see my two women friends (they don't know each other and I don't think I have ever seen them on the same day before.) One - I haven't seen for well over a year. We keep in touch on facebook and the phone. She is still my best friend - we just don't get much face time. The other it's been probably 6 months? OMG - as I was sitting here trying to figure out when I've seen them last I didn't realize it's been so long.

So - I saw them both today. And it has just really lightened up my heart.

I forget how important friends are. And girlfriends especially (not that I'm at all dissing my men friends - some of who read this blog. You know I adore you and couldn't have made it through my career without you!) But, sometimes a girl just needs another girl to bitch with.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost Forgot To Post

I almost forgot to post this evening. I was playing Bejeweled on Facebook trying to beat Hubby's score. This is the first week he's ever beat me. Yes, that IS what my life has come to - playing Bejeweled on Facebook.

I was so tired today that I didn't even go to Taekwondo tonight - just because I REALLY didn't feel like it. I should have. But, I simply could not make myself go. Ugh...

Anyway, our babysitter started today. The kids like her. We like her. She's a senior and a really good kid. We've known her and her family for years through Taekwondo. But, it's weird to have someone here while we are at work. It's one thing if my kids are at day care or "kid jail" as they call it. Kid jail = after school care provided by the school. Yeah, like I really want to send my kids ot kid-jail... *le sigh* But, to have my kids at home - with someone not me or Hubby. It just feels... awkward? I dunno... guilt filled? yes, but, no that's not the word I'm looking for... Ah - it's a bit of an invasion into mama bear's territory... yes... that's how it feels. I guess it's the best choice we have right now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


When I was just a wee lass - I love love loved music and wanted more than anything to be a musician. I played the violin (not exceptionally well) and the piano (which was more for pure pleasure.) Some kids played sports, some loved the theatre, but I was a pure orchestra geek. I did the whole state orchestra thing, and had recitals, and even traveled around Europe and played in an orchestra for several weeks before my senior year in High School.

Then, college - I played in the university's orchestra. But, I didn't win a scholarship. My standmate DID get a scholarship and couldn't play AT ALL. So, I quit out of pride. It ends up that he was out of state and they got all the scholarships first. Bah... They asked me to come back and told me they would give me a scholarship and told me I only needed to do so many orchestra credits. But, I still said no - my young and stupid prideful self decided that once wounded - I would wound myself further.

Later as an adult after I lived in CA and before I had children - I took violin lessons for a few weeks. It didn't go well and I did not enjoy it. I felt weird practicing - we lived in a duplex and it just felt weird - like everyone could hear every mistake I made.

Fast forward about 12 years - and I WANT music in my life. We don't have room (or the money) for a piano. I don't really want to play the violin. But, I do want to enjoy playing music. So, I got a guitar. I tried to teach myself - but that didn't go so well. So, I started lessons about a month and a half ago. I really like it - it's terribly frustrating sometimes, and I have terrible performance anxiety when playing for my teacher. But, I enjoy practicing and making music. It's opening up my creative side again - which has been closed for so long.

So - I'm gonna be a gee-tar player. Right now I'm focusing on classical guitar - as that is sort of where my previous training has me. I'm not so excited just about playing chords as background music to vocal songs. I want the guitar itself to make the music.

So - that's what's new with me.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Busy - Less Busy - Busy

The last few months have been pretty tough around our house. Here has been our schedule:

Monday: Work, Allergy shots, Softball from 6-8pm...
Tuesday: Early morning workout from 5:00 - 6:30am, work, leave early - bust ass - soccer from 5-6 and baton from 4-8.
Wednesday: Work and then Blissfully open evening (in which we usually watch the biggest loser)
Thursday: Early morning workout from 5:00 - 6:30am, work, soccer from 5-6, Softball from 6:30 - 8:30
Friday: Work, Guitar lesson 6:30 - 7:00

No time for Taekwondo in there at all. No time for anything. We were barely able to get our grocery store and laundry done. I can say it left me a little raw.

Now, softball is over, and the time has changed, so no more softball practice and soccer practice is too early to make it there if we have to work.

Our house was a disaster. We were all a little bit stressed out. We were all just ready to have a break.

So, right now we are in our - not as busy timeline. We can go back to Taekwondo. We can all sort of get back to a little more normal...

But, Christmas is right around the corner. Our Baton competition season starts in just a few weeks. Things will get busy - but in a different way.

I think I'll just take a deep breath and try to sleep in tomorrow. :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cat

First things first - Prissy is home. She was full of stories of adventures and songs. She had a great time. It's wonderful to have her back. Having her and her brother fighting again is not as wonderful. But, at least I'm not hearing, "I'm BOOOOOORED!!!!"

I have a confession - I own a obsessive compulsive cat. She is almost 3 years old. She is a tuxedo cat (meaning, she's black with a white belly, a white mouth/face and white paws.) Tuxedo cats are known to be a little "odd." Well mine - she's an obsessive cleaner. She cleans herself almost constantly. If we pet her, she cleans herself. If she wakes up - she cleans herself. She is the cleanest cat around.

The weird thing is that she cleans everyone else around her too. Our 2 year old cat is a white cat with a calico head and tail (she's quite beautiful) Oreo (our tuxedo) is constantly grooming her as well. If we are holding Oreo - she will groom us. She licks our hands until they are raw. It's not kisses, it's cleaning.

I suppose I should talk to the vet about it - but I don't want to deal with kitty Valium again (don't ask).. So, in the meantime - we have the cleanest cats and hands on the block.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bahbee Comes Home Tomorrow

Ok -

So, I'm not the most emotional person. I know - considering I work at an engineering company and with mostly male engineers - I know it's a little surprising. You'd think that I'd just break down and cry all the time. Well, not so much. I fit my job.

But, I MISS MY BAHBEE! She's been gone for 4 days now - and I miss her!!!! I can't wait until she comes back tomorrow (at 2pm - I'm totally leaving work early so I can see her!) I'm feeling a little verklept - I am surprised at how empty the house feels without her around. Even with Bubba here - gosh, without Bubba it would feel dead...

It has made me realize that I only have a few more years with her. I only have a few more years of crazy baton/softball/soccer/cross country shuffle. While she has been gone - I've gotten a lot of stuff done - but it's stuff for baton - which is stuff ultimately FOR HER.... So - I realized - I need to really enjoy these days. I need not to stress out quite so much... I need to watch her at her practices instead of trying to get some extra work done. Work will always be there - she won't.... I realizer that this won't last forever (shoot - she's right around the corner from being a cranky teenager - and I should just enjoy the fact that she's still a sweet awesome kid that thinks her parents are cool... I think I only have months of this left. :P)

I'm glad that Prissy is coming home tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Work and Baton

Well -

As some of you know - I have started some baton classes here in my local city. I'm not teaching the classes of course - I don't know how to twirl. But, my daughter's coach is teaching the little ones and we are trying to build the team back up from the loss of all the big girls that graduated last year. Anyway, I also have been asked to be the membership chair for the CA Baton Council. Which is sort of exciting, and a little weird. I just got involved in the council this year.

Anyway, I have had quite a few of baton tasks that have piled up on me recently for both my own little group and for the council. In the last two days, I knocked off a bunch of stuff. Including an online contest registration process and creating a new membership form. So, this all sounds boring to read in a blog - but it has just been something on my plate for a couple of months. Just sitting there. Niggling... Bugging... You know? When you have something and it gets pushed out, de-prioritized? And it sort of eats at you? And you know you need to do it? Yeah - it was like that. So - without Prissy here this week, we didn't have softball OR baton - I've had SO MANY EXTRA HOURS! It's nice to have time to actually do stuff. And it was fun to create a webpage. Teehee... Takes me back to my roots a little bit.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not even hump day

Wow -

I almost forgot to post today. I was taking my shower, getting ready for bed and ZANG! I remembered that I hadn't posted yet.

Did I tell you that I've been working out with a trainer? It's a small group. And I have this really cool trainer that is nice, but not too cheerleadery. But, holy crap she pushes us. I'm sore every Tuesday and Thursday.

Unfortunately - it's starting to make my knee act up again. I have decided to baby it and take really good care of it and not try to push through it - because that never works. And as soon as I push just a little too far, I can't exercise at all, then why not eat a freaking Big Mac? Right?

So, I'm going to try really hard to make sure I don't over do. My goal weight is just a few months away! I can't let big obstacles get in my way now!

Speaking of that - I'm going to go ice it - because it's as big as a softball tonight.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quiet House

All day I've been thinking about Prissy - "Oh, she's on the bus now!" "Oh, she's eating lunch at the camp now!" "oh, I hope her cabin-mates are friendly."

But, really - the house is so quiet. She's not shy and she's not quiet. She loves to tell stories, and when she is telling a story - you get the background, the history of all parties involved, the setting, the weather and the emotions of all present. I'll take her 20 mins to tell you that two girls were wearing the same shirt to school. It can at times be a bit exhausting. But, when it's not here? Things are so quiet.

Bubba said he wasn't going to miss Prissy. That he didn't like her. And he was glad she was going. Ummm... That was until she's been gone a few hours. He misses her terribly and he is SO BORED! They are each other's playmate. Sure, they fight. But, they still spend a lot of time together. And 70% of the time they have the best time ever. Anyway, he misses her already - A LOT!

Hubby and I went to Taekwondo this evening. We haven't been in a long time. We were not able to go to class while Prissy and Bubba were in soccer and softball. But, Softball season ended this past weekend - so we went back to class. It was moderately fun. But, not as fun as it has been in years past. It's good exercise though.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Yes - I Haven't Posted In Forever

Ok -

So, I joined the NaBloWriMo or whatever it is actually called - where I blog every day of November. I guess after last years blogging for 365 days - I got burned out. Either that or I just realized that I didn't have anything interesting to say.

Well that and Facebook happened.

Hello, my name is Hecticmom and I'm a Facebook-a-holic. Love it. I love the status updates, I love the games, I love the constant interaction. It has sucked me in good.

But, whatever.

Let's see, tomorrow my 10 year old daugther goes away for 5 days on a school trip. I guess it's a bit of a rite of passage for 6th graders in California. She's nervous, and excited and already starting to cry. She's going to have the time of her life. I'm so excited for her. However, I'm going to miss her terribly and I'm trying not to cry. *laugh*

The next week, you'll hear a lot about this little trip of hers. :)

So - sorry I've been gone so long. If you miss me terribly (hahahaha - followers? WHAT followers - it's been way to long unless I happen to be a forgotten entry in an RSS feed.) you can always friend me on facebook - I'm there a lot.