Monday, November 23, 2009

Stupid Knee

Ok -

I think I posted (a long time ago) about my stupid knee.

Every time I try to get fit and exercise - my knee starts giving me problems. Well - in this last go-round, my knee has started to give me problems.

So - after 4 weeks of trying - I finally get into the doctor and she sends me to x-rays and tells me I have to go to a orthopedic doctor. Here we go again... *sigh*

I worked today... Even though I was on vacation...

Bubba went to baseball camp today... He really liked it...

I made chocolate chip cookies - and blew my diet (after 8 weeks of not cheating AT ALL). .. I was craving chocolate something fierce... They are SO DANG GOOD....

Now my stomach hurts. Bleh...

I have to go to the DMV tomorrow... Double Bleh...


Rick Deutsch said...

Ms Undone,

May I suggest the use of Hiking poles for knee relief.You can still walk and exercise, but the poles will take the stress off of your kness. Ask your doctor.

Good luck!


Rick Deutsch ("Mr. Half Dome")
Speaker, Adventurer, Author
"One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome"
. . . . getting you to the top of YOUR mountain.

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