Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost Forgot To Post

I almost forgot to post this evening. I was playing Bejeweled on Facebook trying to beat Hubby's score. This is the first week he's ever beat me. Yes, that IS what my life has come to - playing Bejeweled on Facebook.

I was so tired today that I didn't even go to Taekwondo tonight - just because I REALLY didn't feel like it. I should have. But, I simply could not make myself go. Ugh...

Anyway, our babysitter started today. The kids like her. We like her. She's a senior and a really good kid. We've known her and her family for years through Taekwondo. But, it's weird to have someone here while we are at work. It's one thing if my kids are at day care or "kid jail" as they call it. Kid jail = after school care provided by the school. Yeah, like I really want to send my kids ot kid-jail... *le sigh* But, to have my kids at home - with someone not me or Hubby. It just feels... awkward? I dunno... guilt filled? yes, but, no that's not the word I'm looking for... Ah - it's a bit of an invasion into mama bear's territory... yes... that's how it feels. I guess it's the best choice we have right now.

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