Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation isn't going as planned

My vacation isn't really going as planned. Yesterday I had to work. I'm not sure that my day off really constitutes a vacation if I had to work... Not quite sure about this new group.

And today - I spent my morning at the DMV. I had to get my license renewed (holy crap - that means I've been in this state for a LONG time if I had to renew at DMV.) I also had to do some stuff with my car title due to my car loan.

Bubba has been attending this baseball camp in the mornings this week. It's pretty cool actually. There are professional baseball players there giving them instructions and this week is focused on hitting and pitching. He is really learning a lot. He is quite the little baseball player. I'm still waiting for him to find his passion though.

And I find that ironic, since I'm not absolutely positive that I myself have found my "passion." Maybe playing bejeweled? ahhaah...

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Anonymous said...

What is your highest bejewled score ? Actually - clarify - which version of bejeweled are you playing?