Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Work and Baton

Well -

As some of you know - I have started some baton classes here in my local city. I'm not teaching the classes of course - I don't know how to twirl. But, my daughter's coach is teaching the little ones and we are trying to build the team back up from the loss of all the big girls that graduated last year. Anyway, I also have been asked to be the membership chair for the CA Baton Council. Which is sort of exciting, and a little weird. I just got involved in the council this year.

Anyway, I have had quite a few of baton tasks that have piled up on me recently for both my own little group and for the council. In the last two days, I knocked off a bunch of stuff. Including an online contest registration process and creating a new membership form. So, this all sounds boring to read in a blog - but it has just been something on my plate for a couple of months. Just sitting there. Niggling... Bugging... You know? When you have something and it gets pushed out, de-prioritized? And it sort of eats at you? And you know you need to do it? Yeah - it was like that. So - without Prissy here this week, we didn't have softball OR baton - I've had SO MANY EXTRA HOURS! It's nice to have time to actually do stuff. And it was fun to create a webpage. Teehee... Takes me back to my roots a little bit.

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