Sunday, November 8, 2009


When I was just a wee lass - I love love loved music and wanted more than anything to be a musician. I played the violin (not exceptionally well) and the piano (which was more for pure pleasure.) Some kids played sports, some loved the theatre, but I was a pure orchestra geek. I did the whole state orchestra thing, and had recitals, and even traveled around Europe and played in an orchestra for several weeks before my senior year in High School.

Then, college - I played in the university's orchestra. But, I didn't win a scholarship. My standmate DID get a scholarship and couldn't play AT ALL. So, I quit out of pride. It ends up that he was out of state and they got all the scholarships first. Bah... They asked me to come back and told me they would give me a scholarship and told me I only needed to do so many orchestra credits. But, I still said no - my young and stupid prideful self decided that once wounded - I would wound myself further.

Later as an adult after I lived in CA and before I had children - I took violin lessons for a few weeks. It didn't go well and I did not enjoy it. I felt weird practicing - we lived in a duplex and it just felt weird - like everyone could hear every mistake I made.

Fast forward about 12 years - and I WANT music in my life. We don't have room (or the money) for a piano. I don't really want to play the violin. But, I do want to enjoy playing music. So, I got a guitar. I tried to teach myself - but that didn't go so well. So, I started lessons about a month and a half ago. I really like it - it's terribly frustrating sometimes, and I have terrible performance anxiety when playing for my teacher. But, I enjoy practicing and making music. It's opening up my creative side again - which has been closed for so long.

So - I'm gonna be a gee-tar player. Right now I'm focusing on classical guitar - as that is sort of where my previous training has me. I'm not so excited just about playing chords as background music to vocal songs. I want the guitar itself to make the music.

So - that's what's new with me.

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