Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not So Happy With the Boy

Nope -

I'm not so happy with the boy child today. The principal called. Yup - it was about Bubba. I guess that he shoved one of his friends hard enough so his friend fell down. I guess someone said they could hit harder than Bubba and Bubba had to prove him wrong. Oh crap....

So - this is the second time the principal has called this year. The first time was when Bubba grabbed a girls butt.


Ok - butt grabbing. not really ok, but not horrible. But, shoving a kid to the ground - that one is a big one. He's in some serious trouble.

To be completely selfish - it is just SO DAMN humiliating to have the principal call because your kid is bad. Makes me feel about 2 inches high.

I so don't want him to turn into a horrible teenager. And, I know a lot of what he does is relatively "normal" behavior - not ok - but in the scheme of things "normal." And what is crossing the line. Do we take him to a therapist? Or, is shoving his friends, playing grab ass and hoarding candy normal and expected? Prissy would NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS intentionally break a rule. So - this is all very new.

And I'm at a loss (we did take away xbox and having friends over for 2 weeks. He has to go back to Taekwondo and get his room decluttered (hopefully instilling a little discipline) and has to be in bed 15 mins earlier. (to ensure sleep isn't an issue.)) It seems a little extreme - but he keeps making the wrong choices. He knows it's not ok to hit.

Any advice is always appreciated.

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