Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Saturday

I was planning on sleeping in this morning - but alas - it didn't happen. We got a call at way-to-early-o'thirty from the parent of my son's friend wanting to know when Bubba's soccer game was - so they could come (as a side note - this parent used to coach this team.) But, the game wasn't until 1pm - so getting woken up sort of sucked.

Also - my vacation for Monday was cancelled. The big VP wants to meet with me and some other people. I knew that this was coming. I was just really looking forward to sleeping in... It doesn't look like I'll get to sleep in on Monday either.

On a positive note - today was Bubba's last soccer game of the season. Would it make me a bad mom to say that I'm SO FREAKING GLAD THE SEASON IS OVER?!!!???!!??!?!?!??!!!? It wasn't even a huge time commitment - I'm just glad it's done with.

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