Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bahbee Comes Home Tomorrow

Ok -

So, I'm not the most emotional person. I know - considering I work at an engineering company and with mostly male engineers - I know it's a little surprising. You'd think that I'd just break down and cry all the time. Well, not so much. I fit my job.

But, I MISS MY BAHBEE! She's been gone for 4 days now - and I miss her!!!! I can't wait until she comes back tomorrow (at 2pm - I'm totally leaving work early so I can see her!) I'm feeling a little verklept - I am surprised at how empty the house feels without her around. Even with Bubba here - gosh, without Bubba it would feel dead...

It has made me realize that I only have a few more years with her. I only have a few more years of crazy baton/softball/soccer/cross country shuffle. While she has been gone - I've gotten a lot of stuff done - but it's stuff for baton - which is stuff ultimately FOR HER.... So - I realized - I need to really enjoy these days. I need not to stress out quite so much... I need to watch her at her practices instead of trying to get some extra work done. Work will always be there - she won't.... I realizer that this won't last forever (shoot - she's right around the corner from being a cranky teenager - and I should just enjoy the fact that she's still a sweet awesome kid that thinks her parents are cool... I think I only have months of this left. :P)

I'm glad that Prissy is coming home tomorrow.

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