Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girlfriends Make the World Go Round

I don't have a lot of women friends - and even fewer straight women friends. Due to my degree and career - I tend to be around men most of the time. And mostly techy nerdy men. And many from different countries. However, most of my work friends are men (not all, but definitely the majority.)

But, I do have two very close women friends. Unfortunately, we don't get to interact in person very often. During my CRA-ZAY-ZEE work project in the months of August, September and part of October I barely had time for my kids let alone friends.

But today - the stars must have aligned and I got to see my two women friends (they don't know each other and I don't think I have ever seen them on the same day before.) One - I haven't seen for well over a year. We keep in touch on facebook and the phone. She is still my best friend - we just don't get much face time. The other it's been probably 6 months? OMG - as I was sitting here trying to figure out when I've seen them last I didn't realize it's been so long.

So - I saw them both today. And it has just really lightened up my heart.

I forget how important friends are. And girlfriends especially (not that I'm at all dissing my men friends - some of who read this blog. You know I adore you and couldn't have made it through my career without you!) But, sometimes a girl just needs another girl to bitch with.

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