Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Uninteresting Posts

We went to a party last night at my dear friends house. I have 2 really good women friends. I think I mentioned that earlier last week. One of them asked my entire family over to celebrate her husband's 40th birthday. We gladly agreed - we love spending time with them and we know it's a peanut/nut free house (we met through our kids being at the same school and her son also has a nut allergy.) The kids all get along and Hubby and her hubby get along well too. It is unusual for us to be friends with both sides of the couple and the kids too.

Anyway - Bubba... Again... Bubba broke down their master bedroom door. He said it was an accident... But, come on - he had to have been running full force into that door with his shoulder. Broke the sucker right in two... OH.MY.GAWD..... I have never been so mortified... They invite us over to their house and my son DESTROYS their house.

It's been a bad week for the boy child this week...

So - tacked on now - he has to pay for the door. And he is going to do community service - and earn money for working. I think we'll start with him picking up trash in the park. Then, maybe sweeping out the dugouts at the city softball and baseball fields.. He will earn $5 an hour (from us) to do this work that will go towards the cost of the door.

I'd like to have have him do some other types of community service - any suggestions? I want him to understand that he has SO much... And to maybe learn a little gratitude and respect for his and other people's things.

It's been a bad week for the boy child... I'm not feeling terribly proud of his actions this week.


Sean said...

We have to get together tomorrow. I have a file on a thumb drive for you.

Coffee sometime? Call my cell.

Rachel said...

My brother once went through a friend's wall. He claims he didn't know how it happened.

It sounds like you have a good handle on the situation.

When one of the neighbor boys egged our cars, his mom made him rake leaves for us and wash our cars once a week for a month. We haven't had any more trouble from him in over a year.

jen said...

I was gonna say boys will be boys. My brother was mostly a good boy but there was an instance that he also broke down our grandma's door. Couldn't explain what happened and how they did it (he and a cousin). Seems it's just something unexplainable that boys do.

And I do agree that you are handling this pretty well. :)