Monday, November 2, 2009

Quiet House

All day I've been thinking about Prissy - "Oh, she's on the bus now!" "Oh, she's eating lunch at the camp now!" "oh, I hope her cabin-mates are friendly."

But, really - the house is so quiet. She's not shy and she's not quiet. She loves to tell stories, and when she is telling a story - you get the background, the history of all parties involved, the setting, the weather and the emotions of all present. I'll take her 20 mins to tell you that two girls were wearing the same shirt to school. It can at times be a bit exhausting. But, when it's not here? Things are so quiet.

Bubba said he wasn't going to miss Prissy. That he didn't like her. And he was glad she was going. Ummm... That was until she's been gone a few hours. He misses her terribly and he is SO BORED! They are each other's playmate. Sure, they fight. But, they still spend a lot of time together. And 70% of the time they have the best time ever. Anyway, he misses her already - A LOT!

Hubby and I went to Taekwondo this evening. We haven't been in a long time. We were not able to go to class while Prissy and Bubba were in soccer and softball. But, Softball season ended this past weekend - so we went back to class. It was moderately fun. But, not as fun as it has been in years past. It's good exercise though.

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melissa said...

Trying to imagine the quiet that would ensue if only one of my kids was at home... hmm, which kid would it have to be to maximize the quiet? Not sure, they're pretty much equally chatty! :)

I hope she has a great time!