Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quilt Finally Done

I can't remember if I posted about this or not, but I finally finally finally finally finished Bubba's quilt. It was an easy quilt, but it took me over a year to actually finish it. This was the quilt I will always think of the one haunting me to finish it. Plus, Bubba would often say - "Is my quilt done yet?" I swear he was just trying to make me feel guilty. This quilt was just not a fun quilt to do. And I had a butt load of extra time this past year. I would put it away for awhile, and then work on it for a bit, and then put it away again. It's good to actually have it done now. Oh, I'm so so so glad this bastard is done. Here are pictures:

This is the top:

Christmas_2007 002

this is the back ( do ya like the race flag like pattern? Or does it want to make you want to have a fit?):

Christmas_2007 005

Here is a close up of the material:

Christmas_2007 003

Bubba picked out the fabric all by himself. It is a sports theme and a race car theme. Doesn't necessarily go together, but it is certainly a boy quilt. This is one of the reasons I didn't love this quilt. The colors didn't go well together.

Anyway, I'm really glad to get that one done, and I've started on my next quilt, which has been quite fun to work on so far. But, seriously time consuming. However, since I'm on vacation - I'm indulging in my current hobby. I don't get to do that much. This isn't a quilting blog - but, I write about my finished quilt about once a year. :)

Tomorrow, we will be going to a friends house for New Year's Eve. The kids all get along and we get along with both the husband and the wife. I'm very very much looking forward to it. We always drink a little too much and the kids are so whiny the next day because they were up too late the night before and we are always a little hungover, but it's still a fun evening. I guess it must be because we keep going back year after year.

That's all for now!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vacation Gluttony

Today - the kids went on a playdate. They were actually being pretty good - but our soccer coaches called and wanted to know if Prissy and Bubba wanted to come over the play with their kids. Hell YEAH! I worked on my new quilt and listened to World Without End by Ken Follett on my iPhone. I feel like the laziest person in the world. I haven't just had days without schedule or requirements in a long long time.

Yesterday, we cleaned a lot. But today - pure nothingness. It was glorious.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Evening

I am so damn cool...

Here is my evening...

Drinking wine...
Playing on-line bunco (because I don't have enough real-life friends to invite me to a real bunco game. I deal with almost all men all the time, yo.)
Drinking a little more wine...
Knitting with my Knifty Knitter - knitting a furry green hat with yarn I got at the dollar store (and you wonder why I don't have many real-life friends?) I actually just finished my hat and it looks sort of like Oscar the Grouch. Hmmmm...
Drinking more wine....
Listening to songs on my iPhone which I've completely filled with most awesome music...
Maybe after I'm pretty comfortably sauced I'll play rockband with Hubby... I'm the singer - and you know what is awesome - A JET!!! THAT'S WHAT IS AWESOME!! (Rockband reference - we got a jet last night.)

I know all of you wish you could be me... But, carry on.. Only I get to be the coolest one...

Nothing new

Nothing much is new... We're still playing games and trying to enjoy each other's company. The kids are getting a little stir crazy though. I think we adults are getting a little stir crazy as well. Actually, we're all getting on each others nerves. We need to take Bubba out and just run him - he is so full of energy he can't sit still for more than a minute or two. Hubby is about to kill both kids for just laughing too loud. I think I'll just keep my intoxication level at a steady level and nothing much bothers me. :)

We went and bought new garage door openers today. This was one of hubby's Christmas gifts. The remote for his garage door doesn't work. So, he opens my door, gets out of his car and opens his door and then gets back in his car and drives it in the garage. Not the easiest. I was planning on having everything ready for him on Christmas morning and he could actually open a box. But, when I was talking to him about it he was considering getting a belt drive and all sorts of stuff and I chickened out. We're probably moving in the summer - so does it really matter what type of opener we get - just so long as it works? Anyway, we are having them installed and hopefully they will be installed in the next week while we are still on vacation and we won't have to miss a day of work. We got a chain one, and I just hope that the sucker works.

Next week we have a bunch of appointments - Prissy has ortho appointments and an eye exam. I'm taking a couple of pieces of jewelry in for appraisal. It should be a good week. And the kids go back to school - which will be nice, for everyone... :D Oh my gawd - I have 2 days off and the kids are in school. Can I tell you how glorious I think that is? TWO DAYS BY MYSELF!!!! MAYBE I'LL GET MY NAILS DONE!!! MAYBE I'LL GO SHOPPING!!!! OH!!!!

We've also been cleaning/de-cluttering. Prissy is finally really cleaning her room. She's about 80% complete. I also cleaned our "office" and went through old papers and cleaned the stuff on the floor. There is still cat puke on the floor - GROSS! Found that little present after clearing some of the shit off the floor. Then, I realized we were out of carpet cleaner so I had to go buy some. Ugh - cat puke is not as gross as human puke - but I hate it just the same... I need to be a little more intoxicated to deal with that. The kids are still awake so I need to be at least coherent. I'll deal with it after they go down.

Other than that, there is not much to report. We went to Chevy's tonight and the food was good and the margarita was even better. Not that anyone really cares - but it was nice to eat out on a weekday night. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday and I've almost blown the entire week of vacation. At least it's been in relaxing sort of things. I DON'T WANT MY VACATION TO EVER END!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK!!!!

One bummer thing - I've mentioned before that my group is spinning out of our parent company. This has been postponed for at least 3 months. We were all supposed to come back to a big celebration of our new company. Not to be yet. This totally pisses me off. It's going to trash the morale of the group. But, on the bright side, I get to keep my current manager. Because my new manager at the new company is a micro-managing due from Italy. The hierarchical structure is totally different and he has to be in control of every detail. Since I've been basically in charge of my own destiny for quite some time, I'm really really not liking someone trying to control my every move. I'm successful because I know how to run a group and don't like people meddling in my space. This is going to be a serious challenge for me. And I need to be better at protecting my group - because he is seriously having a negative impact on my employees. My soon to be new manager calls my cell phone 3-4 times a morning. I've just gotten a new ringtone for his calls - it's the StarWars Imperial March. Now whenever my phone rings, it just makes me laugh instead of angry. So, I leave you with what I think of every time my phone rings from my Italian manager.

That's all I got!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas - Bah Humbug!

We hope that each and every one of you had an extremely Merry Christmas. The kids (well, Bubba) were up extremely late my gawd I didn't think that child would ever go to sleep and then woke up promptly at 6:30am. Butt-assed early for vacation. They were ready to open presents. But, we made them eat breakfast and get dressed first. Because we are horribly horribly MEAN. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So, we were finally ready to open presents about 8am. Here is the before and after picture.

Before: Nice tree, presents all wrapped nicely.

Christmas2_2007 001

After (total destruction! Kids spoiled rotten! Gluttony running amok!!!)

Christmas2_2007 004

Bubba said this was his best Christmas ever. And he was so very excited about all of his gifts. Prissy wanted to play with each present after opening each one. I ended up getting a ring - which Hubby purchased through a charity auction. He got my pearls from the same person last year and got a great deal. The ring - well, it's definately an interesting ring. At least we both agree the thing is damn ugly. I need advice on how to sell this fucker on ebay. I think I would have preferred a coach purse and a wallet. :)

Christmas2_2007 006

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas. We didn't venture outside all day. We just played with all of our new stuff. (STUFF!!!! STUFF!!! STUFF!!!!)

Hubby got RockBand from Santa and we've been having such a fun time with that. I'm liking the drums (hubby says that I look like Animal when I play the drums. :)) and singing best - I'm losing my voice from singing so much. We're having a good ole time. I'm a Rockband slut! I figure we'll need to go outside tomorrow. Otherwise we may turn into goblins.

Merry Christmas for a few more hours.

Monday, December 24, 2007

New form of transportation

I'm not sure whether to be proud or embarrased. Regardless, I think this is hilarious.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today - I will do my normal plan. Take hecticmom's posting and tell you what I really think.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas! Everything is done. We're still waiting for Santa to come, but I'm pretty certain he will come before too long. Well, that's not what we're telling the kids - they have been down right horrible today. We're holding Santa hostage, because maybe, just maybe we can put a shred of doubt that Santa will come. Bubba is really unsure if Santa is coming - he really has not been good today.

Santa's elves brought Christmas jammies while we were out looking at lights. Here are the kids modeling them: Damn Santa got jammies that are too big for Bubba. That kid has the smallest waist in the universe. Maybe if he'd eat once in awhile. The rest of the jammies fit him.

Christmas_2007 007

Here are the Christmas tree cupcakes we made for Santa today: OMG they are horrible. The kids love them, but they are just covered in sprinkles and are a little underdone on the inside and a little overdone on the outside. I'm thinking Santa may just need to toss these.

Christmas_2007 009

The last few days have been really calm. We haven't had a lot of stuff to do, so we've been watching movies, playing games, going to the park and playing video games (in between the kids bickering.) We've even done a little geocaching. Thank goodness for geocaching. It's nice to get outside and let the kids run. I also got a pedicure and I had an hour and a half away from the screetching, bickering, complaining and whining. Pure bliss. I'm considering sending the kids to school this week - just because I think I may go crazy.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! And a final picture - here is Fluffy - also wishing you a Happy Holiday! I love this picture. I love the jammies, I love the face peeking through the bear. Just adorable. Wish he could always be like this.

Christmas_2007 006

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Too Much

Ok, I planned to post my beautiful pictures of my finished quilt for Bubba. But, I drank an entire bottle of wine single handedly and I'm too wasted to publish.

So sad. The quilt is beautiful, but Bubba poured out an entire bubble bath Christmas present for Prissy (asshole) so he can't sleep with the quilt tonight.

So, he lost the quilt.

And, I'm way way over my limit on wine.

I drank an entire freaking bottle of wine by myself. I would say that I'm too wasted to post, but who is going to read this anyway... I'll post pictures tomorrow... If I'm not too hungover.

To shower and to bed....

Baton Video

Here is Prissy's latest baton video. I'm testing the embedded feature of blogger. This is something I'm unable to do on my other blog.


Well - I have another blog. I love my other blog. I set it up myself and I've tended it and promoted it and it has grown. Too much. My inlaws and parents and my co-workers have found it. And now I have to be nice-nice.

So, I have decided to start another blog - and this one on blogger where I can have a bit of anonymity. This blog will take my nice posts and tell you what I really think. Whether you want to here it or not.

Whether or not I get many readers here. I think I need a place to vent.

So hang on and if you get offended - I don't really care.