Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Crap, but Not as Crappy?

Today was going ok - work was work. The big boss (my bosses boss) told me to not get too frustrated. I was thinking - this is nothing compared to the crap that I was dealing with before. I had a meeting over lunchtime - which bites. But, one of the things I forgot to write about yesterday was that Prissy told me that she felt like she had to go to the bathroom right after she went. I told her that if she got uncomfortable to let me know and we'd go to the doctor.

Hubby was the "Parent At Home" today. He IMs me at work right after Prissy got home from school and told me that Prissy said it burned when she peed. Ugh.. UTI - no doubt. She's a girl - it happens... It's the first time it's ever happened to her though.

So, I called the doctor and they said that they could get her in at 3:45. It was 2:40. A UTI isn't really a trip to the doctor that a daddy can take with his 10 year old daughter. At least not the daddy in this house. A UTI requires a urine sample. This means - a parent - holding a little itty bitty cup for said child to pee into. Not terribly easy when it's a girl - especially a rather "modest" girl at that. So, I told my boss and flew from work to home - 45 mins and called hubby and told him to have Prissy waiting for me outside. She flew into the car and we flew to the doctors office - 20 mins. We just BARELY made it.

A person there was 5 minutes late and they gave her appointment away. She was going crazy - "WHENEVER I GET HERE I HAVE TO WAIT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BUT IF I'M 5 MINUTES LATE I GET CANCELLED!!??!!!! HOW IS THAT FAIR??!!!!" I wanted to tell her because she was late, she made the doctors run even later. But, I didn't. We were on time. By the skin of our teeth.

We actually didn't have to wait very long - this is a new doctor for us and our waits have actually been really good. We maybe waited 5 mins. I've been in offices where a 2-3 hour wait is the norm. We were ushered in. Did the urine test (and yes, my hand did get covered in pee... TMI!) And Prissy does have a UTI. The doctor decided to give her a megadose of antibiotic while we were there. I guess it was really bad.

Anyway, we went to the pharmacy (at the grocery store) and got some cranberry juice and there was a Starbucks special going on - all grande drinks were only $2!!! I should have gotten something exotic, but I didn't. I got my usual (iced caramel machiato). Then, we had to race to Bubba's baseball game. He's really quite the baseball player. He almost almost almost got a double, but got tagged out right as he hit the base. Pretty exciting!

So, it's still been a busy day and not so good (never good when a child is sick), but not as irritating as yesterday.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Crap Day

Today really sucked. Not sucked like my dad and grandma both died (which would be totally weird, because neither of my grandma's are living) - but sucked like nothing went right. Nothing.

I got up this morning - and I was just having a bad hair day. Not a big deal - I have a bad hair day about 95% of the time. Today was my work from home day - which I was so excited about. My computer was not in the mood to play nicely today - so I had to go onsite to get an attitude adjustment. My drive into work was 45 mins. I got to work, got everything all straightened away. Had a co-worker tell me about his crappy weekend with work. Got accosted by a friend in the parking lot who was totally pissed off about his job and probably raved for a good 15 minutes - I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. But, at least I listened to him.

I drove home, and stopped by my allergist to get my allergy shot and got the shot giver from hell. Some allergy shot givers are awesome and some just are not. This one is HORRIBLE at giving allergy shots. I don't know why - but they always hurt like hell when she does them. I don't even feel it with other nurses. *shrug* Damn Pokey Nurse.

So - I get home (45 more minutes of driving), and there are 2 missed calls from the elementary school. From the kids line. (Which means, a kid called me because they forgot something - Bubba was going on a fieldtrip - so I had guessed it was him.) Anyway, there was no message (and it's not a number that can be called back.) But, it added stress (it ended up he wanted another jacket and his class shirt for his fieldtrip - not a huge issue).

Lots of just crap at work. Irritations. The utter and complete lack of planning by some people. Just a lot of it today.

Then, I take Prissy to get her allergy shots (20 mins of driving.)- and it just took a LONG time. We had to wait almost 45 mins. (I should take her to my allergist - there is never a wait - people are too afraid of the "Jabby Nurse.") Then, we drive home. (Another 20 mins. of driving.)

Ok, it's Monday, so we get a quick bite to eat at Subway. I have a bunch of little mouth sores from eating too many damn sunflower seeds at the baseball / softball games on Saturday - so eating anything hurts. Then, we had off to baton. (Drive 45 mins.) As soon as we get there and are walking in - I realize that Prissy does not have her baton. I was so angry I was seeing red. She not only had team practice, she had her private lesson too - it's not like she could borrow one for the whole time. So, I had to drive home to get her batons. (45 mins home, and then 45 mins back.) As soon as I sit down, the coach tells me she forgot her water bottle and would I mind going to get her a bottle of water. *10 calm**9 calm**8 calm* "Sure! No problem." And off I go - note that two other moms were sitting there while I was driving back and forth. So, I go to Starbucks (the closest place) to get her a bottle of water. Freaking Starbucks was out of water. WTH? They ALWAYS have water. So, I went to Walgreens and they had water. And I went back and gave her her water. Then, after Prissy's lesson, we drove the 45 mins home.

At a minimum I spent 5 hours and 10 mins driving today - on my work from home day. The only upside is that I'm listening to the audiobook Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult and it's really good - so at least the driving isn't quite as awful.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I Earned My Black Belt

I have always had a "goals" list. Always. It changes a lot, but I'm always working towards something. Many years ago - I put together a list and it had get a master's degree, get a black belt and complete a marathon. I got my master's degree and today, I got my black belt in Taekwondo.

I've been training for several years. It actually seems like I've been going to taekwondo classes forever. These last few months, I've been practicing like crazy for my black belt testing. I've actually been a big ball of nerves the last few weeks, and especially in the last few days.

I didn't forget my forms, and I did well on the sword form, and I nailed my board breaks (and I think I probably just passed sparring). I felt dazed after it was over. Like a big wet noodle.

During the ceremony - we have to get up and give a speech. Those of you that know me from work know that I'm very rarely speechless. I was speechless tonight - standing in front of everyone... I had a hard time trying to figure out what I was supposed to say. It was very overwhelming.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Wish I Could Do Better for You

I wish I had a super exciting and wonderful post to write for you. It's been awhile. I don't. I suck.

So - the infamous bulleted list of happenings:

  • Our yard is finally coming along. We have sidewalks, walls, decent dirt, pots and plants and trees. They just have to paint the walls, seal the sidewalks, put in the sod and the bark. It's looking REALLY nice. SO much better than I had expected.
  • I'm headed to Fresno with Prissy tomorrow for a baton competition.
  • Work has really amped up - and is hitting some stressful notes. However, I'm ultimately grateful for my new job. There are some serious layoffs at my previous company. I have no doubt that I would have been layed off.
  • Softball and Baseball season has officially started. Bubba - ROCKING the baseball. He has an incredible coach this year (YAY!) and he's just exploded in baseball-ness. Prissy is pitching and loving Softball.
  • Jade has a bit of a fan club. There is a group of little girls (and a boy) that watch her lesson. They are probably under 8 or so. They think she is just the bees knees. One of them pulled out her cell phone and started recording Prissy's lesson. They say things like, "OMG (the letters, not the words) she is INCREDIBLE!" They go get sticks and try to do the tricks that she does. It makes me laugh. Prissy is all super cool. I can see it on her face, "Yes, I am awesome. I will sign autographs after my lesson." *laugh*
  • Hubby and I are testing for our blackbelts a week from tomorrow. Unfortunately, Hubby SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY pulled a muscle at class on Monday and cannot currently do any Taekwondo at all. I really doubt that he will be able to test next week. I have to decide if I'm going to test without him or wait another 3 months. We made this journey together - it's sort of sad if I go ahead and test next week. (BUT I'M SO READY AND EXCITED TO TEST!!!!) I guess on the flip side - I'd have a videographer. :) Any suggestions?
  • Spring is here - I love the warmer temperatures. It makes my heart happy.
  • Bubba is being his typical Bubba self - he won this super award for doing a great deed and got all this special recognition. Then, he gets in trouble for not paying attention in gym and the principal calls. Yikes! This boy is like night and day - you never know what you are going to get.
  • Bubba is going back to speech therapy through the school. They are going to help him with his R's and with his vocal quality (due to the nodules on his vocal chords). I talked to the speech therapist today and she told me how cute he was. Bubba is a CUTE kid. Absolutely adorable, and charming like you wouldn't believe. However - I told her to be aware that he is very charming and to not let him get away with stuff. Neither Hubby nor I are very charming - I have no idea where he got this.

See - just random stuff. I really need to post some picks of our front yard. Soon....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Should Be Posting

Oh -

I should be posting - but it seems that the last thing I want to do after my day is to write. I just don't feel like what I have to say is all that important or interesting. But, I'm posting tonight anyway.

Prissy and I went to her baton competition this past weekend. She had a minimum day (they got out 12 minutes after they got to school) so we headed to the bay area early. We went shopping. I hate shopping. I'm not good at it. I don't enjoy it. It's a good shopping day if I don't end up having a panic attack.

... but, alas, my daughter is a pre-teen and she WANTS to go shopping. So we went to Justice. A pre-teen girl store. I did not have a panic attack and we found her several super adorable outfits. (Thank goodness for in-store maniquins that tell you how the clothes are supposed to go together.) It was also a good thing they had gummy bears. ON SALE!!! I know - awesome right?

Then, we went to Bath and Body Works - this is one store I can actually go into and find fun things. I know what my nose likes. I bought hand soaps and some yummy smelly things for my car and some hand sanitizer for Prissy (she requires this for her peanut allergy - she carries it at all times - this stuff actually removes peanut protein. It's a bonus that it smells nice. I <3 Bath and Body Works.

Then we went to Ann Taylor Loft - and I started feeling the panic start to creep up on me. I completely freak out at the thought of picking something with so many choices. But, we were having "fun" right? I told Prissy that she could pick out an outfit for me - any outfit and I would try it on. Oh, she zeroed in on a super cute shirt. Then the sales lady came up and Prissy told her that she was looking for a tank to go under the shirt. And she picked me out a cute lacy tank. Then, she picked me out a pair of black capris.

So, I went and tried them all on - and the shirt and tank - absolutely adorable. And absolutely me - but a little fancier (as Prissy says). Capris are hard for me. I'm a shorty and the capries came to the top of my ankles - a little long. We tried on a few other black slacks - but they just didn't work. So, I ended up with the shirt and the tank - which I'm wearing tomorrow - I have a big day of presenting and leading some major major department meetings. Perfect timing Prissy!

It'll be just me - but fancier.

And, I can say it - I had fun shopping with my daughter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm really tired tonight. Not exactly sure why - just a lot going on I suppose. I guess I should probably pack it up and go to bed. Prissy and I are headed to the bay area tomorrow afternoon, she has a baton competition on Saturday. Her routines are just starting to solidify - so hopefully she does well on Saturday. I'm hoping t0 be home at a reasonable hour on Saturday evening.

Work is really busy right now. Which is good - it's just sort of crazy.

Wow - was this the spectacular update you were waiting for or what?

Oh, one other thing - we had parent teacher conferences today and we got the kids report cards. They are both doing well. We're going to get Bubba back into speech therapy - he is getting hoarse again - so the polyps are probably back. Prissy got straight A+s. Not straight As, straight A+s... She hasn't missed a point since the beginning of the year. Which at this point is starting to piss me off a little. Prissy keeps saying she is bored in school - she's supposed to be GATE (Gifted and Talented), but it basically means she gets more math problems and a harder spelling list. We asked the teacher how we could challenge her more and she just didn't know. Which is disappointing.

Bubba's teacher on the other hand had many ideas to keep Bubba interested and excited. She's going to be sending home some advanced math for him (he loves math) and is already sending home some more challenging reading.

Anyway, I think I'm going to bed now.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry I wrote and think, "Wow, that was really funny!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "I don't remember writing that!!!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "OMG!!! I can't believe I wrote that and everyone can read it!!!"

So, I figured I would just go ahead and make this post;

My kids are really big into the Fred videos on YouTube... Odd....

Let me tell you the real story about my childrens - after one too many glasses of wine... My daughter is brilliantly smart. I have no question that she may be smarter than her teacher. She writes novels for fun. She does math problems from a 8th grade book she found. She reads faster than I can and just devours books. I am always constantly struggling on how to keep her moving forward - when I do not possess the potential of intellectual greatness that she does. I worry that she can't live up to her intellectual potential because her parents don't know what to provide her with. On the flip side, my daughter is a little bit nerdy - this I understand and I hope she doesn't fight it. She doesn't realize it yet, but when she does, I hope she embraces it - and realizes that SHE WILL COME OUT IN FRONT after she is a grown up...

My daughter is also brilliantly talented. She has amazing tenacity. Something that I do not possess. She is the freaking 2nd best baton twirler IN THE NATION!!! That's the USA - yo! AMERICA!!! 2nd best 9 year old IN THE FREAKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Wow... I cannot wrap my mind around that... However, she is also an amazing softball pitcher... She loves softball and is REALLY good at it. Hubby and I disagree what a REAL sport looks like. While right now - she is happy twirling and pitching. We know at some point she will need to make a choice on which one to pursue. How heartbreaking... How to choose between your loves? We (or others) are going to make her choose when she gets older. Are we really that horrible?

My son - is also brilliant. But onery. He's brilliant like his sister - but doesn't have the same persistance. He aces whatever he tries - but, only tries occasionally, and it is his whim on what he tries. He has a memory that completely eclipses my own. He can tell you how many stairs there are in the Eifel tower. But, cannot tell you where to put the apostrophe in "can't" because he was daydreaming during that lesson. My son knows how many fins are on a whale shark. And what shade of grey a humpback whale is. He is so smart, but only when he wants to be.

My son is also hilariously funny. He is so in tune with the people around him that he knows how and when to tell a joke. He is funny and loving and smart. My son is also a bit of a stalker. He watches out his window and can tell me when his BFF that lives across the street is at home or has gone away. This worries me.. I can just see him being the nagging, hanging, needy boyfriend.. I think I even dated a few of this type. I don't want him to be THAT guy.

My son is also gorgeous. He has amazingly blue eyes, dimples to die for and this blond blond hair. The girls are already vying for his attention. While this makes me happy - it is also worrisome - because he is very manipulative and can pretty much get whatever he wants with a few sweet words and a hug and a kiss.

My son achieved a black belt rank in Taekwondo - because we forced him too. He wanted to quit 3 months before he tested for his black belt. This is a kid that can do what he wants, but has to want to do it.

Anyway, I'm just rambling. I'm proud of my kids... They are so very different. They both came from my body - but are total opposites. I think I'll just go to bed...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Because

I wasn't actually planning on writing tonight - I had to type up several things for my son's class. I can't volunteer in the classroom (because I have to go to work) so I do volunteer work at night. I am the classroom typist. I get to type up the kids work - stories, poems, that sort of thing. It sometimes cracks me up and sometimes makes me sad. There is a child in my son's 2nd grade class that will be a writer - there is no doubt in my mind. This 7 year old has such an amazing imagination and a way of telling stories - her last story had to do with a king prosecuting jews and a poor beggar woman saving everyone. While the other kids stories had to do with family beach vacations and fun play dates with their friends. (or my son's story about a monster house causing death and destuction - YIKES!) There are also kids that seem really sad, like this child:

You can hear crying.
You can see a dird.
You can smell socks.
You can feel walls.
You can taste chocolate.

At least this poor kid had chocolate.

And then - here is my son's:
You can hear leaves crunching. (good - lots of kids said this)
You can see candy. (Candy? really? Not turkey, or leaves, or pumpkin pie?)
You can smell chocolate pie. (Hmmm... I haven't made chocolate pie in a long time - where are you smelling this?)
You can feel the candy in the bag. (after all you know about Bubba - you know he is a candy addict. It shows here.)
You can taste the candy. (and you wonder why he snuck all that candy up to his room?)

Anyway, I enjoy typing up the stories. I'm a fast typer - so it's fun. However, as I was proof reading one of the stories, I realized that I typed "crap" instead of "crab" at least three times. HAHAHA! Glad I found the typo.

My house is so quiet right now. Everyone is sleeping. This is unusual. Usually I beat my husband to bed - but he's been extremely tired the last few nights. He's out cold. So, I'm downstairs, in the dark, typing. Everyone else is sleeping peacefully upstairs. It's a little bit lonely and a lot soothing. Nothing is being requested of me. I don't have any "chores" left for this evening. It's just me... So, I decided that I had time to blog after getting my typing assignment done.