Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Crap, but Not as Crappy?

Today was going ok - work was work. The big boss (my bosses boss) told me to not get too frustrated. I was thinking - this is nothing compared to the crap that I was dealing with before. I had a meeting over lunchtime - which bites. But, one of the things I forgot to write about yesterday was that Prissy told me that she felt like she had to go to the bathroom right after she went. I told her that if she got uncomfortable to let me know and we'd go to the doctor.

Hubby was the "Parent At Home" today. He IMs me at work right after Prissy got home from school and told me that Prissy said it burned when she peed. Ugh.. UTI - no doubt. She's a girl - it happens... It's the first time it's ever happened to her though.

So, I called the doctor and they said that they could get her in at 3:45. It was 2:40. A UTI isn't really a trip to the doctor that a daddy can take with his 10 year old daughter. At least not the daddy in this house. A UTI requires a urine sample. This means - a parent - holding a little itty bitty cup for said child to pee into. Not terribly easy when it's a girl - especially a rather "modest" girl at that. So, I told my boss and flew from work to home - 45 mins and called hubby and told him to have Prissy waiting for me outside. She flew into the car and we flew to the doctors office - 20 mins. We just BARELY made it.

A person there was 5 minutes late and they gave her appointment away. She was going crazy - "WHENEVER I GET HERE I HAVE TO WAIT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BUT IF I'M 5 MINUTES LATE I GET CANCELLED!!??!!!! HOW IS THAT FAIR??!!!!" I wanted to tell her because she was late, she made the doctors run even later. But, I didn't. We were on time. By the skin of our teeth.

We actually didn't have to wait very long - this is a new doctor for us and our waits have actually been really good. We maybe waited 5 mins. I've been in offices where a 2-3 hour wait is the norm. We were ushered in. Did the urine test (and yes, my hand did get covered in pee... TMI!) And Prissy does have a UTI. The doctor decided to give her a megadose of antibiotic while we were there. I guess it was really bad.

Anyway, we went to the pharmacy (at the grocery store) and got some cranberry juice and there was a Starbucks special going on - all grande drinks were only $2!!! I should have gotten something exotic, but I didn't. I got my usual (iced caramel machiato). Then, we had to race to Bubba's baseball game. He's really quite the baseball player. He almost almost almost got a double, but got tagged out right as he hit the base. Pretty exciting!

So, it's still been a busy day and not so good (never good when a child is sick), but not as irritating as yesterday.

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