Monday, March 2, 2009


Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry I wrote and think, "Wow, that was really funny!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "I don't remember writing that!!!"

Sometimes - I re-read a blog entry and think, "OMG!!! I can't believe I wrote that and everyone can read it!!!"

So, I figured I would just go ahead and make this post;

My kids are really big into the Fred videos on YouTube... Odd....

Let me tell you the real story about my childrens - after one too many glasses of wine... My daughter is brilliantly smart. I have no question that she may be smarter than her teacher. She writes novels for fun. She does math problems from a 8th grade book she found. She reads faster than I can and just devours books. I am always constantly struggling on how to keep her moving forward - when I do not possess the potential of intellectual greatness that she does. I worry that she can't live up to her intellectual potential because her parents don't know what to provide her with. On the flip side, my daughter is a little bit nerdy - this I understand and I hope she doesn't fight it. She doesn't realize it yet, but when she does, I hope she embraces it - and realizes that SHE WILL COME OUT IN FRONT after she is a grown up...

My daughter is also brilliantly talented. She has amazing tenacity. Something that I do not possess. She is the freaking 2nd best baton twirler IN THE NATION!!! That's the USA - yo! AMERICA!!! 2nd best 9 year old IN THE FREAKING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Wow... I cannot wrap my mind around that... However, she is also an amazing softball pitcher... She loves softball and is REALLY good at it. Hubby and I disagree what a REAL sport looks like. While right now - she is happy twirling and pitching. We know at some point she will need to make a choice on which one to pursue. How heartbreaking... How to choose between your loves? We (or others) are going to make her choose when she gets older. Are we really that horrible?

My son - is also brilliant. But onery. He's brilliant like his sister - but doesn't have the same persistance. He aces whatever he tries - but, only tries occasionally, and it is his whim on what he tries. He has a memory that completely eclipses my own. He can tell you how many stairs there are in the Eifel tower. But, cannot tell you where to put the apostrophe in "can't" because he was daydreaming during that lesson. My son knows how many fins are on a whale shark. And what shade of grey a humpback whale is. He is so smart, but only when he wants to be.

My son is also hilariously funny. He is so in tune with the people around him that he knows how and when to tell a joke. He is funny and loving and smart. My son is also a bit of a stalker. He watches out his window and can tell me when his BFF that lives across the street is at home or has gone away. This worries me.. I can just see him being the nagging, hanging, needy boyfriend.. I think I even dated a few of this type. I don't want him to be THAT guy.

My son is also gorgeous. He has amazingly blue eyes, dimples to die for and this blond blond hair. The girls are already vying for his attention. While this makes me happy - it is also worrisome - because he is very manipulative and can pretty much get whatever he wants with a few sweet words and a hug and a kiss.

My son achieved a black belt rank in Taekwondo - because we forced him too. He wanted to quit 3 months before he tested for his black belt. This is a kid that can do what he wants, but has to want to do it.

Anyway, I'm just rambling. I'm proud of my kids... They are so very different. They both came from my body - but are total opposites. I think I'll just go to bed...


MonkAre said...

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Rachel said...

2nd in nation? Wow! That is quite an accomplishment.

A black belt is a pretty big deal too. I'm glad you made him stick it out.

I love bragging on my son and can see I will be able to do it forever.