Monday, March 30, 2009

Crap Day

Today really sucked. Not sucked like my dad and grandma both died (which would be totally weird, because neither of my grandma's are living) - but sucked like nothing went right. Nothing.

I got up this morning - and I was just having a bad hair day. Not a big deal - I have a bad hair day about 95% of the time. Today was my work from home day - which I was so excited about. My computer was not in the mood to play nicely today - so I had to go onsite to get an attitude adjustment. My drive into work was 45 mins. I got to work, got everything all straightened away. Had a co-worker tell me about his crappy weekend with work. Got accosted by a friend in the parking lot who was totally pissed off about his job and probably raved for a good 15 minutes - I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about. But, at least I listened to him.

I drove home, and stopped by my allergist to get my allergy shot and got the shot giver from hell. Some allergy shot givers are awesome and some just are not. This one is HORRIBLE at giving allergy shots. I don't know why - but they always hurt like hell when she does them. I don't even feel it with other nurses. *shrug* Damn Pokey Nurse.

So - I get home (45 more minutes of driving), and there are 2 missed calls from the elementary school. From the kids line. (Which means, a kid called me because they forgot something - Bubba was going on a fieldtrip - so I had guessed it was him.) Anyway, there was no message (and it's not a number that can be called back.) But, it added stress (it ended up he wanted another jacket and his class shirt for his fieldtrip - not a huge issue).

Lots of just crap at work. Irritations. The utter and complete lack of planning by some people. Just a lot of it today.

Then, I take Prissy to get her allergy shots (20 mins of driving.)- and it just took a LONG time. We had to wait almost 45 mins. (I should take her to my allergist - there is never a wait - people are too afraid of the "Jabby Nurse.") Then, we drive home. (Another 20 mins. of driving.)

Ok, it's Monday, so we get a quick bite to eat at Subway. I have a bunch of little mouth sores from eating too many damn sunflower seeds at the baseball / softball games on Saturday - so eating anything hurts. Then, we had off to baton. (Drive 45 mins.) As soon as we get there and are walking in - I realize that Prissy does not have her baton. I was so angry I was seeing red. She not only had team practice, she had her private lesson too - it's not like she could borrow one for the whole time. So, I had to drive home to get her batons. (45 mins home, and then 45 mins back.) As soon as I sit down, the coach tells me she forgot her water bottle and would I mind going to get her a bottle of water. *10 calm**9 calm**8 calm* "Sure! No problem." And off I go - note that two other moms were sitting there while I was driving back and forth. So, I go to Starbucks (the closest place) to get her a bottle of water. Freaking Starbucks was out of water. WTH? They ALWAYS have water. So, I went to Walgreens and they had water. And I went back and gave her her water. Then, after Prissy's lesson, we drove the 45 mins home.

At a minimum I spent 5 hours and 10 mins driving today - on my work from home day. The only upside is that I'm listening to the audiobook Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult and it's really good - so at least the driving isn't quite as awful.

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Momisodes said...

Ugh. What a crazy day. I'm sorry to hear. That is bizarre Starbucks was out of water! Hope today was better for you.