Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Because

I wasn't actually planning on writing tonight - I had to type up several things for my son's class. I can't volunteer in the classroom (because I have to go to work) so I do volunteer work at night. I am the classroom typist. I get to type up the kids work - stories, poems, that sort of thing. It sometimes cracks me up and sometimes makes me sad. There is a child in my son's 2nd grade class that will be a writer - there is no doubt in my mind. This 7 year old has such an amazing imagination and a way of telling stories - her last story had to do with a king prosecuting jews and a poor beggar woman saving everyone. While the other kids stories had to do with family beach vacations and fun play dates with their friends. (or my son's story about a monster house causing death and destuction - YIKES!) There are also kids that seem really sad, like this child:

You can hear crying.
You can see a dird.
You can smell socks.
You can feel walls.
You can taste chocolate.

At least this poor kid had chocolate.

And then - here is my son's:
You can hear leaves crunching. (good - lots of kids said this)
You can see candy. (Candy? really? Not turkey, or leaves, or pumpkin pie?)
You can smell chocolate pie. (Hmmm... I haven't made chocolate pie in a long time - where are you smelling this?)
You can feel the candy in the bag. (after all you know about Bubba - you know he is a candy addict. It shows here.)
You can taste the candy. (and you wonder why he snuck all that candy up to his room?)

Anyway, I enjoy typing up the stories. I'm a fast typer - so it's fun. However, as I was proof reading one of the stories, I realized that I typed "crap" instead of "crab" at least three times. HAHAHA! Glad I found the typo.

My house is so quiet right now. Everyone is sleeping. This is unusual. Usually I beat my husband to bed - but he's been extremely tired the last few nights. He's out cold. So, I'm downstairs, in the dark, typing. Everyone else is sleeping peacefully upstairs. It's a little bit lonely and a lot soothing. Nothing is being requested of me. I don't have any "chores" left for this evening. It's just me... So, I decided that I had time to blog after getting my typing assignment done.

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Katie said...

That boy loves his candy! :)