Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monster House

Bubba's 2nd grade teacher often sends home stories, poems, and other odds and ends for me to type up. Today, Bubba brought home stories that they wrote before Christmas. Most of the stories were about a page - and they talked about things like snowmen, friends, family - you know, stuff like that.

Well, I came to Bubba's story and it was really thick - 8 pages!! My pride swelled - Bubba really worked hard on his story - it's really long. Then, I read it.... Now, I think I need to find a good child psychologist - right after he makes his first million playing a gig.

The Killer Monster House
By Bubba

The killer monster house had killer destruction! Live sharks, sword throws, spiked floor, stink bomb room, flame frisbee, electricity shocker room, and finally the death slide to death!
It took us 6 years to put it together. The first person was Freddy. He was so scared that he wet his pants. He hid under a bed. We were both wondering why there was a bed in the basement. Freddy paid us 9 billion dollars. My dad came down. He found Freddy under the bed. He didn’t make Freddy pay back his money. Freddy almost died from the sharks.
Clint and I cleaned up the mess in the basement. Clint went home. I got rich. I bought a limo that was black. It had a hot tub, a pool and a TV. Then I bought a mansion. It was huge. It even had an elevator. And a chocolate river that was 10 billion yards long. It also had servants and golden doorknobs and inside a hot tub and pool. The house was 9 million feet long. It has a flat screen TV!
The computer was huge, it is the size of a big TV! The bed was as big as a school. We could invite more than 9 thousand people. In the backyard I built a Ferris Wheel. I could make more than 20 trees. It was 900 stories tall! My room was as big as 3 stories tall! Then Clint came over, he saw my house then he fainted. When he woke up, I asked if he wanted to go for a bike ride. He said yes. We went bike riding for 2 hours. Then it was time for band practice. I play guitar. I am really good. It took me one year to make me this good. I cannot play without my pick. When we were done practicing I watched a little TV! Then me and Clint went to our gig! We got more than 9 billion fans.
After the gig, Clint went home. We both went to sleep. Next day was a school day. It was very short. After school Clint went home with me. Me and Clint made up a new song for Christmas. It took us ten minutes. Then Clint went home. It took us 10 hours to put up the Christmas lights. Then the next day was Christmas day. I got more than 60 presents. They were the best presents ever. It took me an hour or two to open my gifts. Then it took me three hours to just get the gifts up to my room. We have 9 million stairs. Clint had good gifts too. He had 40 or 50!
The End!

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he needs to cut back on the sugar...