Monday, January 5, 2009

iPhone Update

I haven't written recently about my iphone. I got a 3G iPhone for Christmas - and it is just so freaking cool.

I have to tell you about a cool app - it's amazon's free app. Today, I was sitting at baton and the other mom's and I were talking about having birthday's around the holidays. Prissy's birthday is this Sunday and it always sneaks up on me. I focus so much on Christmas, and then I realize I have so much work to do to prepare for Prissy's birthday. I was telling this other mom that we have several family birthdays.... Ummm.... OH NO! I had forgotten about my nephew's birthday, which happens to be the same day as Prissy's. OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!!! I knew what I wanted to get him (found it at Christmas time - I just thought that I would get it after Christmas was over.)

So, I pull up the amazon app on my iPhone. Search for the toy, put it in my cart - Amazon has all the addresses I usually send to - I select my SIL, choose gift wrap options and WAHLAH! Done! Gift will be there by Thursday. All done in less than 10 minutes.

I love my iPhone, I love Amazon. Not too many years ago, I would have to worry like crazy, and had to go shopping on my lunch hour, wrap the dang thing in my car, take it to the post office and pay a small fortune to get it there in time and still not make it back to work in time. Technology rocks my world!


Anonymous said...

So what happen to the old iphone?

Hecticmom Undone said...

I still have it. I should probably put it up on ebay. Maybe I'll be nice and give it to hubby. But, he prolly wants a 3G one. :D