Sunday, January 18, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Well, I figured I would give you a week in pictures. This has been quite the filled week.

Here is Prissy on her actual birthday - she got some warm socks (which she wanted SO SO much... I'm clueless about this.)
pictures 139

Here is our new furniture and carpet(can you hear the angels singing?) This picture was before we got our curtains.
pictures 143

Here is princess kittah sitting on the newly carpeted steps:
pictures 147

Oreo and her Mona Lisa pose:
pictures 148

The new room (all it's missing is pictures on the wall!) It's finally a grown up room!
pictures 149

My Yin and Yang Kittahs:
pictures 157

New Security system (I went to check on my son last night and this is what I found. No one is sneaking up on HIM):
pictures 161

"Son, you got a kittah on your head." (If anyone can tell me the reference to that - I'll give you bonus points!)
pictures 170

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