Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Over!

Oh, today is over. What a busy day. A birthday party and a basketball game. The birthday party alone was enough to knock anyone out. We upgraded when we got there, so we got more jumping room and a bigger party room. We had more people show up than RSVP'd. Well, actually - there were two sets of girls with the same name and I think that was the problem. We had just enough of everything (including cake). Here are a few random pictures from this week and from the party.

Hubby painted our front room (like the color?) The kitties were very interested in the ladder. That blue carpet? Almost history!
pictures 021

We used Oreo to help light up the walls while we painted:
pictures 042

With Prissy's nut allergy - we always have to make homemade cakes. I thought this year's cake turned out pretty good.
pictures 047

All of Prissy's friends:
pictures 052

pictures 054

Flying through the hoop:
pictures 064

REALLY flying:
pictures 073

Everyone in the air:
pictures 081

Flying Upside down:
pictures 101

pictures 108

Bubba spinning in the air:
pictures 110

Handspring - landed standing up:
pictures 119

In the party room:
pictures 129

Cake and Ice Cream (which was turned into a root beer float.)
pictures 133


Sam said...

woohooo!! That looks like complete fun!! Although the guy with his arm in a sling clearly warns of the potential dangers! ;-)

Glad you all had fun - next time, invite me!!

Rachel said...

I want my next birthday party there!