Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rather Boring

To update from yesterday - I had my allergy test. They did several little scratch tests. And then they did like 25 shots. DAMN! That's all I have to say. Just don't touch me.

Today was environmental allergies. I'm offically allergic to GRASSES! (which is why I prefer my children participate in INDOOR sports - I LOVE BATON!). I'm also allergic to mold - which explains why I start sneezing at night and why I sneeze when it rains. Here is what I'm allergic to:

I'm also allergic to dust mites, oak trees, rag weed, sweet beet (??) and something else odd. I'm no longer allergic to dogs. Which I find weird - but, it makes sense - I can go over to friends houses with dogs. Of course, I'm not allergic to cats.
That's all - how boring.


Anonymous said...

So when are you coming over to see the mutt pack here? Roxie misses you!

Hecticmom Undone said...

*laugh* I didn't have them test me for llamas. Or llama lips!