Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not a Lot to Say

I guess I really don't have a whole lot to say tonight. I know - how strange for me. I also don't have any pictures. Well, I do. I love LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of pictures. We got Prissy a nice camera for her birthday and the child takes some of the most awesome pictures. But, I haven't really had time to even download the pictures.

We've just been really busy. Hubby had softball draft last night. He was in charge of the whole shabang. He had to get all player rankings ready and the coaches for the teams and all the "stuff" that goes along with it.

I have been busy preparing forms and letters to the school district asking for use of the facilities. So - we've been doing lots of parent sports stuff.


I have my food allergy test tomorrow. I'm a little worried about it. They also took me off of my super awesome inhaler for the past week, and I've been slightly wheezy for days. I'm such a dork.


Prissy has a baton tournament this weekend. We will drive down on Friday night and stay in a hotel. Her tournament is on Saturday which also happens to be my birthday. The only bummer of it being my birthday is that we have to get up so early. I'm not the brightest person in the morning.

I need to go catch up on my google reader - I had almost 200 unread blogs. YIKES!

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