Saturday, January 3, 2009

Again? Yes Again!!

Ok, so, I'm not taking a blogging day off yet - because I HAVE SOME NEWS!!!

We bought some new furniture for our front room!! Ok, so - our carpet is almost 20 years old and blue. It's not pretty. It's actually stained and crushed and really not very pretty. So, we got carpeting (for our whole house.)

We also decided to actually furnish our front room (I think it's called a living room in most houses?) It's always been empty except for a bookshelf and a treadmill. It's where Prissy practices her baton (although, it's not quite big enough or high enough for her to practice in anymore.) But, it's also where Bubba and Prissy roughhouse and play catch and just mess around. But, it's HORRIBLY embarrassing when people come over and we have this big bare room. Plus, it's not very useful as a real room.

So, we bought furniture (there are some amazing sales going on right now). But, since we are getting furniture and new carpeting in a few weeks - we should probably paint it, right? So, we are currently paining the room, just a little bit darker. It looks SO GOOD so far. Very calming.

I also finally (FINALLY) called a landscaper - and we are now having plans drawn up for our front yard. You know this post about me not getting anything done over vacation? Well, I feel much better now. I go back to work on Monday and there is a TON of stuff that is at least in motion now. Yay! So, I'm feeling more accomplished, I can go back to work and feel rested and relaxed. Yay me!

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