Friday, December 26, 2008

One Week of Vacation Over

Well - I've officially been on vacation for one week. Unfortunately, I had to work for about an hour on Wednesday night and 3 hours this morning. But, whatever - it just means that I can take a few more hours of vacation at a later time. Woo...

But, I really haven't done much. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. I have this enormous list of "to dos" that would feel really good to get off the list (like find a landscaper to deal with the hell that is our front yard.) The only thing that has gotten crossed off is getting a new garbage disposal. It will be installed next week. Our other one has a hole in it that we can no longer just ignore.

This week, I finished Christmas stuff, I played with the kids, I have cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked, I read, I got a pedicure, I played CSI Dark Motives PC Game (which I got YEARS ago and have never played), did some yard work with Prissy (I love Prissy but I HATE yard work) and today I quilted (I tend to only quilt in the winter and around Christmas vacation - I love it, but it's rather time consuming). I've done my normal chores, and all that good stuff. But, my question is - will I have longer term "relaxation" benefit if I just totally kick it and relax these two weeks, or if I get some of those major "todos" taken care of? Maybe I'll see if I can't balance it - get a few things done and also be lazy. *sigh*

Anyone know of a good landscape designer that works in the winter?

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