Tuesday, December 30, 2008

100 Things that I Crossed off my List

On the side of this blog I have a list of a 100 things I want to do before I die. Here are the things that I accomplished this year:

  • Own a house with an in-ground pool - we did that! We put a pool in our backyard this past summer. I couldn't be more happy with it.

May 064

  • Learn Joomla - I did this as well. I put a site into production at http://accelerationbaton.com/. I also have a Joomla site that will soon go into production for the Rocklin Girls Fastpitch softball.

  • Go to Italy - well, I really did this in 2007, but I also did this in 2008. At least in 2008 I went with my husband and we got to actually see some things. We went to Milan, Venice and spent an afternoon in Switzerland.

  • Italy 233

  • Play in the rain with my kids - we did this in Daytona Beach, Florida. It started pouring down rain while we were at the beach. We stayed out and played in the ocean and the beach while it rained. It was really fun. You can see the rain in the sand (I drew this with my toes.

  • July 111

  • Go camping with the family and tell stories around the campfire. We took the kids camping for the first time this past summer. It was COLD at night and HOT in the day. We played at the beach at Pointe Reyes, CA. CA is such a great state to live in (except for the passing of Prop 8.)

  • camping 005

  • Complete my list of 100 things to do before I die - I can't believe how long this actually took me to finish.

  • Make smores with my kids - we did this while camping.

  • camping 006

  • Tell a manager to take this job and shove it - while I didn't really say take this job and shove it - I still quit my job. I even went to Italy to quit my job which is pretty interesting. How many people go to Italy to quit their job? I actually had to tell a couple of managers that I quit. I had two vice presidents try to talk me out of quitting. But, I can tell you right now - that it was absolutely the best thing for me to do.

  • Roast Marshmellows with my kids - I love roasting marshmellows - getting them so they are golden brown and puffy and melty is just the BEST!

  • camping 007

  • Boogie Board - I did this in Florida (in the rain). I only got one or two really good runs, but it was extremely fun.

  • Run and entire 5K Race (extra points - do it with Prissy) - Prissy and I raced in a 5K in October. I so wanted to walk the last 1/2 mile - but I had this little thing to knock off of my list. I ran an entire 5K. While, that is a tiny little amount to some of you - it was REALLY far for the girl who couldn't run down the block when she first started.

  • 5k 006

  • Ride in a Gondola in Venice - I did this with Hubby while we were in Italy. What an experience.

Italy 179

I think that 12 things isn't too bad - one thing a month. Going at this rate, I should be done in less than 10 years. Not too bad actually..

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