Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Random Pictures

Because -

Why not right?

This was taken on Christmas Eve Night - Bubba did NOT want his sister touching him:
christmas 001

Cookies for Santa:
christmas 002

The "before" shot:
christmas 003

Oreo wanted to open presents too:
christmas 006

Here was as white as we got for Christmas. Bubba's class grew these from bulbs and brought them home as Christmas presents. I think they are just so nice:
christmas 005

Notice how dark it is outside? This was Christmas morning - I guess we got up earlier than I thought. :)
christmas 004

The after picture (notice Oreo is still sitting under the tree):
christmas 008

Isn't Prissy's new toy cute?
christmas 009

Here is a picture of the quilt I've been working on (started it last year this time). This picture doesn't do it justice:
christmas 010

This is just the quilt top, and it still needs one more border - then I can quilt and bind the thing (maybe I can get it done by next Christmas. :))
christmas 011

Now, notice that blue carpeting on the side of that photo above? It's going to be replaced in the next few weeks! WITH NEW CARPET!!! YAY!

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