Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At least it's something

Man - Christmas just keeps getting closer and closer. I could use an extra day or two. I snuck out at lunch and went shopping. I am so far behind. I always like to be finished by now. I don't even have my Christmas cards done yet (however, they are now addressed and I have my letters printed and pictures cut up.) I always ALWAYS underestimate the amount of time Christmas cards take.

I also sent in a mail to reserve a place for Prissy's birthday party. Her birthday is right after Christmas - so, I always procrastinate finding a place. Hopefully the place she wants is available (it's a huge warehouse o'trampoline. The entire place is a ginormous trampoline. It's so cool.)

I'm still on my diet. So far so good - I've lost 4 pounds so far. Calories in vs calories out actually works. *laugh* I'm pretty sure the weightloss will slow down this week - I'm eating well - I'm not hungry. But, I do have to exercise. I get to consume about 1500 calories a day - and I have to burn 2000 a day (that includes the calories that are just burned by breathing). That should result in a loss of a pound a week. Not too bad. So far it's working.

Wow, this is probably one of the most boring posts ever... Sorry 'bout that.

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