Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party

Holy crap -

What a busy day. Here it was in all of it's glory:

6:00 alarm goes off - I sac it
6:45 I finally arouse enough to get out of bed after saccing and saccing my stupid alarm
7:00 Freak out because the kids aren't up yet - finish getting ready.
7:15 Breakfast, pack lunch/snacks, check email, pick up crappe, get everything ready for the day.
7:35 Freak out because we haven't left yet.
7:45 Walk kids to school - hubby suggests we carpool today.
7:47 Head off to work.
8:35 Arrive to work - fall down in the parking lot - there is FUCKING ICE!!! WTF?!!?? Ice???
8:40 Work
11:29 Decide to head home (Wednesday's I work from home in the afternoon.)
11:30 Boss calls - major emergency... Damn - I have to leave anyway - I have to pick kids up from school.
11:45 Leave for home (todo list a mile long)
12:30 Get home, log on - send multiple emails.
12:50 Gulp down some lunch
1:15 Go and pick up Bubba
1:20 Work
2:20 Prissy comes home.
2:45 Head off to doctor to get flu shots.
3:15 Find out that kids will need booster for flu shots in 30 days (FUCK! It took me 2 months just to get THIS appointment)
3:30 Head back to work with kids in tow for Christmas party that started at 3pm.
4:10 Arrive at work - the party is over. DOH! Saw old New Italian Boss - I wanted so much to bitch slap him.
4:30 Go upstairs and see new good boss. He plays hockey in the hallway with the kids.
5:00 Head off to baton Christmas party.
8:30 Finally get home - tired.

Summary: Went to work (45 mins away) twice today. Had multiple work "emergencies." Took kids to the doctor and went to two Christmas parties. I freaking hate this season.

Bah Humbug...

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