Saturday, December 6, 2008

Froze my ass off

Today, Bubba had a soccer tournament. Who schedules a soccer tournament in December? Well, everyone in our regional area I suppose. Anyway, it was SOOOOO cold. (but, realize, I have lived in CA for almost 15 years - so 35 is COOOOLD!!!!) Well, to be realistic - I think that anyone out in the 35 degree weather for 5 hours would be cold. Especially for those people that don't have warm clothes or coats.

Bubba had to play 4 games today, and the games started at 8:30 this morning and they had a 30 minute break between games. It was just freezing. Prissy went down a slide and got her pants all wet and we had to run home between games. Then, later, after we ate lunch, I spilled a diet coke all over my pants (and car) and had to go home to change pants. I don't know what was up with getting our pants wet today.

Anyway, Bubba's undefeated team were just mediocre during this tournament. I don't know if the boys were cold or if they just actually had competition (teams traveled from all over to play in this tourney.) Bubba was not "ON" today. We're not even sure that he was playing - he might have been picking clovers. Don't know.

Anyway, Hubby had to go help with girls softball registration after the games and I put up the christmas tree and inside decorations - it feels good to at least have that done.

I'm not even sure I'll be able to finish all the Christmas stuff this year - but I can still hope.

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