Monday, December 29, 2008

Haven't Stopped Today

Wow - today was a busy busy day.

I haven't stopped until just this second.

It started out with us waking up early and heading over to the ice skating rink to meet a friend. The kids skated while we froze in the stands. DANG it's cold in an ice skating rink - so cold that we could see our breath. BRRRRR!!!!

Then, we went to McDs - figure I better stock up on some fatty Big Macs before the diet restarts. Then, we came home and I made my grocery list and headed out to the store.

As soon as I came back and got the groceries put away, I went out front and took down the Christmas decorations.

THEN - I went and got fabric and batting to finish up my quilt (a qualified quilter tried talking me out of quilting this thing myself - told me that I should just send it out to be done with a long arm quilter (it's a king size). She's probably not wrong - but, I'm going to try to do it myself anyway. (Glutton for punishment.) It took me FOREVER - the place was PACKED. It took me almost 40 mins just to get my fabric cut. WTH? Then, it took me almost 20 minutes to check out - I thought Christmas time was over?

Anyway, I came home, made dinner. Actually, my sister in law sent us Jack Stack BBQ from Kansas City (she is the most awesome person EVER!), I warmed it all up for dinner and it was heavenly. I just don't get BBQ like this in CA. She is my favorite person today.

THEN, I had to go to Fry's to replace my son's MP3 player that he got from his Baba (grandma). I broke it yesterday. And, yes, it was totally and completely my fault. It had this weird charging thing that stuck out of the computer, and I walked past it and broke it off. Anyway, I replaced it with an MP3 that was a bit different - but he's happy.

Then, came home and I'm typing this. I didn't sleep well last night - so I'm pretty exhausted. I'm ready to just sit and read blogs for awhile.

Sorry this post was so freaking boring!


Anonymous said...

Which skating rink did you go to ??

Hecticmom Undone said...

Roseville Skatetown - I think it's the only one of any real size in the area. It's REALLY nice. But, cold - it's like ice in there. Harhar...