Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hair Ball

My kids had this ball with little plastic thingies all over it. Sort of like a koosh ball - but big. And it didn't have a hard center.

Anyway, over the past two years all the little plastic thingies were pulled fell off, then it was sat upon and flattened.

Prissy has asked for a replacement ball. So, I began my internet search (because I abhor shopping this time of season - duh). Ummm... How was I going to do that search?

Google Search: Balls 90,500,000 results


Google Search: Hairy Balls 528,000 results

I narrowed it down, but my results were not right...

After days and days of looking for hairy balls - I finally found it... At Target (the only major discount place I can stand to visit during the Christmas season.) The key word was Gigantic - I needed to look for Gigantic Hairy Balls. I bought two - they aren't blue though.


Sam said...

oh too funny!! I just bet your search strategy wasn't right!!!

Kristine Taylor said...

Searching for a gift for the kids huh? ya right, we all know you were searching "hairy balls" for your own twisted entertainment. :)

Hecticmom Undone said...

*LAUGH* Oh Kristine! You still know me. :)