Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not in the Plans

Today wasn't a terribly pleasant day. It started with the dentist. I don't really mind the dentist too too much - but I don't especially like it either. Not the world best way to start the day.

I went to lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant - and they accidentally made me an extra Folsom Roll (It's made with crab, shrimp tempura, sauces, eggs, ebi. It's just wonderful.) So, I had a LOT of it (twice as much as normal.) I eat at this restaurant about once a week. It is just the best.

I then went back to work, and about 45 minutes later, my stomach started itching. I went to the bathroom and my stomach was broken out in hives. Weird. It was damn itchy. Then, it started moving to my chest, up my neck and to my ears. I went and bought some benedryl from our work "store" and took it about 2pm. By about 2:20, my left eye started swelling up and I started to get wheezy. I called a friend who had a weird reaction to sushi and he told me to get to the ER.

I hemmed and hawed - thinking the benedryl would kick in. A friend from work walked me outside to get some air (I was sweating like a pig and my heart was absolutely racing.) I decided that I needed to go to Urgent Care. He offered to drive me, but I thought that I would be fine. About halfway there - my throat started itching and I started coughing like crazy.

I got there (it's rather close to work), and in hindsight - I so should have had my co-worker drive me. They wanted me to fill out paperwork, but I couldn't remember how old I was, and who my doctor was. I really struggled with it - while getting incredibly light headed and coughing like crazy.

Anyway, they brought me in very quickly and decided to give me a shot of something -she said it was a steriod like prednisone. HOWEVER - I had to get it in the ass. And they were showing the new medical assistant how to do it. Who was 21 and MALE. I had to drop my pants, lean over on the examination table while putting weight on my left foot - while she is explaining where to give it. She says, "I cut the hip in half (while showing him with her fingers) - the siatic nerve runs right through here. You never ever ever want to hit the siatic nerve." Me thinking, "OH SHIT!!! SHE'S GONNA HIT MY SIATIC NERVE!!!!!" She continues, "then, I cut it in half again,z' marking it with her fingers on my ASS THAT IS STICKING OUT HANGING IN THE WIND WHILE I'M COUGHING!!!

She gives me the shot. About 15 minutes later, I felt SO much better. They gave me a perscription for Prednisone, told me to take Benedryl tonight and sent me on my way. *ugh*

I went back to work to apologize to my boss for skipping the meeting I was supposed to attend. Then I headed towards home - hubby called and reminded me that I had a hair cut and color tonight. I was SO not in the mood - I was feeling rather drugged out.

I went to the appointment and my hair dresser said she was so sorry but she had doubled booked me and could I reschedule - I was SO HAPPY!!!! YES! I could absolutely reschedule.

So, I'm home - tired. I'm going to bed early tonight. Nothing went as planned today.

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