Monday, December 1, 2008

Did I mention?

I think that I mentioned last week that I was going to start my new Sparkpeople diet. Well, started yesterday - and so far so good. Although, I'm only two days into it. It's a totally novel concept - burn more calories than I consume. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT ONE??!??

Ok, ok... So, I have to exercise, and eat healthy... And if I want a little something extra, I have to exercise a little bit more to burn it off. I will tell you that my gowear fit (tells me exactly how many calories I've burned) makes it quite a bit easier.

Another random bit of news - I am really enjoying my new job. It is so nice to not manage anyone for awhile. While I LOVED managing - this break is so nice. No whining, no complaining, no pissing contests. I can just sit in my little cube (or at home at my breakfast table) and do my work. It's really nice. However, I'm sure I'll get bored before too long. One of my former employees IMed me today and told me a classic NIB (New Italian Boss - primary reason I quit my job) story. First, I got really pissed for her. Then, I calmed down, as she handled it better than I would have. Finally - I was just SO TOTALLY GRATEFUL that I don't have to deal with that crap anymore. *huge sigh of relief*

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Sam said...

YAY no more NIB. I'm so happy for you!