Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is Christmas Over Yet?

Man! Oh Man! Has Bubba been a BEAR today. He has been so good since Halloween time - but today - he just threw it all away. So much so that I am actually considering that he may not get all of his gifts tomorrow (but, I'm a wuss and he'll of course get all of his gifts.) He just has been a pure little jerk today. I sent him to bed early.

We had a big day today - we went out to lunch then went bowling (in which Bubba was Negative Nancy the whole time because his sister was beating him - needless to say - he beat me - but whatever.) Then we just had a lot of errands to run and get done. It was raining and yucky outside - so the kids couldn't go to the park.

We made Christmas cookies for Santa, and then went to look at Christmas lights. They got their ritual pajamas that magically showed up on their bed while we were out. Usually Bubba gets to open one present from his grandma on Christmas Eve - but he lost that when he was being exceptionally mean to his sister (so mean it made her cry.) WTH?

I'm thinking that Santa might write him a letter tonight. Or not... I don't know.. Maybe it was just too much excitement and he just was reacting (he has been pretty nervous about Santa coming since "The Halloween Candy Sneaking" and the "Getting Caught in the Girls Bathroom at School and Getting Sent to the Principal." So, maybe he's just nervous.) He kept saying over and over all day, "I"m not getting a skateboard anyway - and that's all I want." It's like he's trying to prep himself.

We had a long talk at dinner tonight about being grateful and thankful for what we had NOW, and even if we lost everything we'd still have each other. I don't think it really sunk in though, after we finished talking he said to his sister, "Told you - I'm not getting my skateboard." But he is only seven...

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