Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gig is Up

I was confronted yesterday. I had a hostile situation in my house. Demands were made. Tears were shed. Dreams were broken. The gig is up...

Prissy (my almost 10 year old daughter) cornered me and asked me if Santa was real. I had to tell her the truth. It was horrible (for me, not for her). She took it all in stride. She wasn't devasted. I was though. It's another passing of childhood. *sob*

What makes this a little more traumatic for me, is that Hubby was supposed to TELL HER! He kept wimping out over and over. And finally the poor thing had to just ask outright. At least she won't be made fun of in school (well, at least not for still believing in Santa.)

I told her that now she knew, she was officially recruited as an elf. Santa himself may not be real - but the spirit of Santa was alive and well in this household - and she now had to ensure that his spirit was met.

I'm still sad about it today.

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