Saturday, December 20, 2008

Near Perfect Day

I had a near perfect day today. The weather was sunny and a balmy 57 degrees. Hubby and I got to sleep in (ahhh...) Then after some lounging with the kids, I made fried egg and bacon sandwiches, and then we went to Taekwondo at 12:30. The kids didn't fight at all. After class (which actually almost killed me) Prissy and Bubba went to the park (they just decided to go all on their own.) I went to the library to pick up my audio versions of my Twilight series books and stopped off at the dry cleaners - who gave us a lint brush as a Christmas gift for being regular customers.

Then... THEN?!! I went and got a pedicure.... Oh, I love pedicures... LOVE THEM!!! When I got home, Bubba had his best bud over from across the street and they were playing nicely.

Then dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant - with a BIG MARGARITA! Yum... I'm full, happy, well rested and have pretty toes. That to me is a near perfect day.

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