Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog 365 - Sprint to the Finish Line

Last year, about this time I think - I signed up for Blog365. Where we had to post every day for an entire year. So far I have accomplished this goal (the only questionable time was when I was in Italy and I lost a day flying there. So, I posted twice, and I tried to make up for the time.)

There have been so many posts of - "I have nothing to say - I just have to post today otherwise I won't make my goal." And other days of just lots of pictures.

This feels like quite the accomplishment, but it's not over yet. I'm sprinting to the finish line.

Why did I do this? And what do I get? Absolutely nothing - other than meeting some other really cool bloggers - and the sense of accomplishment (as well as one more thing I can knock off of my 100 things list.)

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Rebecca said...

I've posted every day, too. I've not WRITTEN a blog post every day, but that wasn't a requirement. :)

I'm glad I did it... overall. I'm sure I "lost" some of my life to blogging, but I also posted a lot more of my life by blogging than I might have otherwise.