Monday, March 9, 2009

Should Be Posting

Oh -

I should be posting - but it seems that the last thing I want to do after my day is to write. I just don't feel like what I have to say is all that important or interesting. But, I'm posting tonight anyway.

Prissy and I went to her baton competition this past weekend. She had a minimum day (they got out 12 minutes after they got to school) so we headed to the bay area early. We went shopping. I hate shopping. I'm not good at it. I don't enjoy it. It's a good shopping day if I don't end up having a panic attack.

... but, alas, my daughter is a pre-teen and she WANTS to go shopping. So we went to Justice. A pre-teen girl store. I did not have a panic attack and we found her several super adorable outfits. (Thank goodness for in-store maniquins that tell you how the clothes are supposed to go together.) It was also a good thing they had gummy bears. ON SALE!!! I know - awesome right?

Then, we went to Bath and Body Works - this is one store I can actually go into and find fun things. I know what my nose likes. I bought hand soaps and some yummy smelly things for my car and some hand sanitizer for Prissy (she requires this for her peanut allergy - she carries it at all times - this stuff actually removes peanut protein. It's a bonus that it smells nice. I <3 Bath and Body Works.

Then we went to Ann Taylor Loft - and I started feeling the panic start to creep up on me. I completely freak out at the thought of picking something with so many choices. But, we were having "fun" right? I told Prissy that she could pick out an outfit for me - any outfit and I would try it on. Oh, she zeroed in on a super cute shirt. Then the sales lady came up and Prissy told her that she was looking for a tank to go under the shirt. And she picked me out a cute lacy tank. Then, she picked me out a pair of black capris.

So, I went and tried them all on - and the shirt and tank - absolutely adorable. And absolutely me - but a little fancier (as Prissy says). Capris are hard for me. I'm a shorty and the capries came to the top of my ankles - a little long. We tried on a few other black slacks - but they just didn't work. So, I ended up with the shirt and the tank - which I'm wearing tomorrow - I have a big day of presenting and leading some major major department meetings. Perfect timing Prissy!

It'll be just me - but fancier.

And, I can say it - I had fun shopping with my daughter!

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spa candles said...

Spending time at bath and body has always been therapeutic. and all those wonderful items... I just can't leave it. :)