Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing much is new... We're still playing games and trying to enjoy each other's company. The kids are getting a little stir crazy though. I think we adults are getting a little stir crazy as well. Actually, we're all getting on each others nerves. We need to take Bubba out and just run him - he is so full of energy he can't sit still for more than a minute or two. Hubby is about to kill both kids for just laughing too loud. I think I'll just keep my intoxication level at a steady level and nothing much bothers me. :)

We went and bought new garage door openers today. This was one of hubby's Christmas gifts. The remote for his garage door doesn't work. So, he opens my door, gets out of his car and opens his door and then gets back in his car and drives it in the garage. Not the easiest. I was planning on having everything ready for him on Christmas morning and he could actually open a box. But, when I was talking to him about it he was considering getting a belt drive and all sorts of stuff and I chickened out. We're probably moving in the summer - so does it really matter what type of opener we get - just so long as it works? Anyway, we are having them installed and hopefully they will be installed in the next week while we are still on vacation and we won't have to miss a day of work. We got a chain one, and I just hope that the sucker works.

Next week we have a bunch of appointments - Prissy has ortho appointments and an eye exam. I'm taking a couple of pieces of jewelry in for appraisal. It should be a good week. And the kids go back to school - which will be nice, for everyone... :D Oh my gawd - I have 2 days off and the kids are in school. Can I tell you how glorious I think that is? TWO DAYS BY MYSELF!!!! MAYBE I'LL GET MY NAILS DONE!!! MAYBE I'LL GO SHOPPING!!!! OH!!!!

We've also been cleaning/de-cluttering. Prissy is finally really cleaning her room. She's about 80% complete. I also cleaned our "office" and went through old papers and cleaned the stuff on the floor. There is still cat puke on the floor - GROSS! Found that little present after clearing some of the shit off the floor. Then, I realized we were out of carpet cleaner so I had to go buy some. Ugh - cat puke is not as gross as human puke - but I hate it just the same... I need to be a little more intoxicated to deal with that. The kids are still awake so I need to be at least coherent. I'll deal with it after they go down.

Other than that, there is not much to report. We went to Chevy's tonight and the food was good and the margarita was even better. Not that anyone really cares - but it was nice to eat out on a weekday night. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday and I've almost blown the entire week of vacation. At least it's been in relaxing sort of things. I DON'T WANT MY VACATION TO EVER END!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK!!!!

One bummer thing - I've mentioned before that my group is spinning out of our parent company. This has been postponed for at least 3 months. We were all supposed to come back to a big celebration of our new company. Not to be yet. This totally pisses me off. It's going to trash the morale of the group. But, on the bright side, I get to keep my current manager. Because my new manager at the new company is a micro-managing due from Italy. The hierarchical structure is totally different and he has to be in control of every detail. Since I've been basically in charge of my own destiny for quite some time, I'm really really not liking someone trying to control my every move. I'm successful because I know how to run a group and don't like people meddling in my space. This is going to be a serious challenge for me. And I need to be better at protecting my group - because he is seriously having a negative impact on my employees. My soon to be new manager calls my cell phone 3-4 times a morning. I've just gotten a new ringtone for his calls - it's the StarWars Imperial March. Now whenever my phone rings, it just makes me laugh instead of angry. So, I leave you with what I think of every time my phone rings from my Italian manager.

That's all I got!

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