Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today - I will do my normal plan. Take hecticmom's posting and tell you what I really think.

Well, tomorrow is Christmas! Everything is done. We're still waiting for Santa to come, but I'm pretty certain he will come before too long. Well, that's not what we're telling the kids - they have been down right horrible today. We're holding Santa hostage, because maybe, just maybe we can put a shred of doubt that Santa will come. Bubba is really unsure if Santa is coming - he really has not been good today.

Santa's elves brought Christmas jammies while we were out looking at lights. Here are the kids modeling them: Damn Santa got jammies that are too big for Bubba. That kid has the smallest waist in the universe. Maybe if he'd eat once in awhile. The rest of the jammies fit him.

Christmas_2007 007

Here are the Christmas tree cupcakes we made for Santa today: OMG they are horrible. The kids love them, but they are just covered in sprinkles and are a little underdone on the inside and a little overdone on the outside. I'm thinking Santa may just need to toss these.

Christmas_2007 009

The last few days have been really calm. We haven't had a lot of stuff to do, so we've been watching movies, playing games, going to the park and playing video games (in between the kids bickering.) We've even done a little geocaching. Thank goodness for geocaching. It's nice to get outside and let the kids run. I also got a pedicure and I had an hour and a half away from the screetching, bickering, complaining and whining. Pure bliss. I'm considering sending the kids to school this week - just because I think I may go crazy.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! And a final picture - here is Fluffy - also wishing you a Happy Holiday! I love this picture. I love the jammies, I love the face peeking through the bear. Just adorable. Wish he could always be like this.

Christmas_2007 006

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