Friday, November 27, 2009

kicked it today

I had all sorts of plans to go to Target, and get my toes done, go exercise, take Prissy to practice baton... But, I only got a bit of it done today. Which was fine. I felt busy - but really I don't think I did much. I went to the gym where Prissy got to practice her baton (in preparation of the clinic she is attending tomorrow.) Then, I took her home, went back to the gym and worked out on the eliptical. It actually felt pretty good.

I'm going to my guitar lesson in just a little bit. The weather is yucky right now - it's rainy and cold. Typical Northern Cali weather. I haven't practiced much this week - so I hope he's not terribly disappointed.

Not much else to blog about - just kicking it. Tomorrow, I have to take Prissy to the Bay Area for her baton clinic. It's an all day affair. There are some world class instructors coming to help a few select twirlers - should be a good experience for Prissy. I'm not looking forward to the drive though - especially if it keeps raining.

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