Friday, November 20, 2009

Bullet Friday

I'm not even sure what to write about... So - you get bullets...

  • Today was SUPPOSED to be my last day of work before vacation.
  • I think I will need to work some while I'm on vacation.
  • A bunch of stuff "came up" these last two days that need IMMEDIATE ATTENTION FROM HECTICMOM.
  • Whatever - I get paid well and I can do the work from home.
  • Today was our annual turkey bowl at work. We throw a frozen turkey carcass down a hallway over a Pammed slip and slide towards bowling pins. If we get a strike we get a starbucks gift certificate.
  • I got a strike! and a gift certificate!
  • The Turkey Bowl idea was stolen from my previous group that goes bowling with actual bowling balls and pins and everyone gets a turkey.
  • I like bowling with an actual turkey better - and everyone still gets a turkey.
  • Bubba didn't get in trouble today.
  • I got a new song at my guitar lesson - I'm going to play Silent Night.
  • Not sure how I feel about that.
  • I need to change the strings on my guitar.
  • I got my mom's and MILs Christmas presents ordered today.
  • I was supposed to go to New Moon with friends from work today - but I got pulled into actual work and was unable to go.
  • I have been in my current job and current role for 1 year.
  • I only worked for 6 months at my last "company" and it felt like a life sentence.
  • This past year has gone by quickly.
  • I'm finally feeling like I'm somewhat competent in my job.
  • I'm feeling jealous of all those that went to New Moon.
  • including our babysitter.
  • and my sister.
  • whatever.
  • I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
  • I'm typing this on our new computer.
  • It's acting up for me - but it's still better than our old computer.
  • I love the TV show Glee.
  • And Modern Family.
  • Actually Modern Family is probably the funniest show in TV right now.
  • That's all - I think I'm going to bed early tonight.

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