Friday, November 6, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cat

First things first - Prissy is home. She was full of stories of adventures and songs. She had a great time. It's wonderful to have her back. Having her and her brother fighting again is not as wonderful. But, at least I'm not hearing, "I'm BOOOOOORED!!!!"

I have a confession - I own a obsessive compulsive cat. She is almost 3 years old. She is a tuxedo cat (meaning, she's black with a white belly, a white mouth/face and white paws.) Tuxedo cats are known to be a little "odd." Well mine - she's an obsessive cleaner. She cleans herself almost constantly. If we pet her, she cleans herself. If she wakes up - she cleans herself. She is the cleanest cat around.

The weird thing is that she cleans everyone else around her too. Our 2 year old cat is a white cat with a calico head and tail (she's quite beautiful) Oreo (our tuxedo) is constantly grooming her as well. If we are holding Oreo - she will groom us. She licks our hands until they are raw. It's not kisses, it's cleaning.

I suppose I should talk to the vet about it - but I don't want to deal with kitty Valium again (don't ask).. So, in the meantime - we have the cleanest cats and hands on the block.

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